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Need to run an effective influencer marketing campaign? Wondering how to ratify your influencer marketing partnerships? In this article, find out how to discover and contract with an influencer: Consider The Audience Different products are targeted at different audiences. That said, you might want to consider your brand’s audience and determine which influencer to associate your brand with. There is little point...

It is fascinating to consider the ways that the average person goes through as long as two hours on social media every day. On one hand, some invest almost no energy into social media and will be beyond marketing reach. On the other hand, there are those who spend about each waking moment on their phones and computers. But the...

Traditional media is becoming less efficient. More and more consumers are turning to social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for entertainment, news, and information. Influencer agencies offer brands an effective way to target consumers by taking advantage of the large interactive audience under the world's leading social media influencers. There are many influencers, ranging from large influencers like celebrities to...

The influencer marketing industry continues to grow each year, and in doing so, more and more brands and agencies are incorporating influencers into their overall marketing strategies. The importance of influencers cannot be denied in the digital age. Different brands and organizations are collaborating with them to market their commercial messages and share their value propositions with their followers. In...

Nomination Our agency is proud and happy to say that our work has been recognized by The Drum's judges and it is officially a finalist of The Drum Marketing Awards USA 2020. The Drum Marketing Awards recognizes the best and most effective marketing from brands and agencies right across the US and our work has been chosen amongst this select group. Our TikTok...

During a time when social media is one the most prominent connections to the outside world, we’re living for the endless amount of content digital creators are supplying. It’s even nicer to see them tapping into their creative juices to find ways to spread joy. Portland based, video-prodigy, Andi Aston, is an absolute wizard and one of the most innovative creators...

What’s happening during the COVID-19 pandemic? Users are online. And are spending a lot of time on their phones. Our influencer marketing agency collected some insights on what is going on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. More TikTokers More users all over the world are starting to upload their first TikTok videos, Google searches like “How to make a tiktok video”? have...

Our influencer marketing agency interviewed some TikTokers and collected the Best TikTok Tips & Tricks everyone should know and use in order to get more followers, increase the chance to get featured on the For You Page and how to create a long-term growth strategy. [message type='normal' icon='fa-envelope' icon_color='' icon_size='fa-lg' icon_background_color='' custom_icon='' background_color='#f2f2f2' border_color='' close_button_color=''] If you want to be featured on...

Now surpassing 1 billion active users, TikTok is clearly the place to reach Gen Z and Millennials. If you are curious about the best ways to kick start your brand’s presence on TikTok but are not sure where to start, we have some easy and effective tips that will get you started. Warning: TikTok content is highly addictive and you...