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We have all seen viral TikTok videos and songs that surge in popularity as a result. It’s easy to spot viral content when you see it, but what steps are artists, and music labels taking to see their own songs go viral? Check out some of The Influencer Marketing Factory’s top tips below for getting a song on TikTok to...

If you have never worked on an influencer marketing campaign before, but are interested in doing so, we know it can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to begin. Here at The Influencer Marketing Factory, we have provided some of our best tips and tricks for crafting a campaign that performs well, and allows you to start forming an influencer...

Have you tried using influencer marketing to grow your business, but are not seeing the results you expected? It might be time for you to start focusing your campaigns on TikTok. It’s safe to say that professionals are making the right move by targeting social media users to increase their popularity.  Each social media platform has learned a lesson or two from...

If you are considering a professional photoshoot for your next influencer marketing campaign, you may want to hold off as there may be another option. Influencer marketing relies on authenticity, a factor that cannot be obtained by a professional photoshop. These costs can incur up to 10-20 times more than if the influencer were to create the content themselves. Leveraging influencer content...

Whether you have a personal account or a business account on Instagram, one of the best and highly effective ways to promote the growth of your account is scheduling your Instagram posts. After all, if you’re active on your Instagram account, you’ll perform better on the platform, and your posts will have more engagement. Using an Instagram scheduler for daily...

It seems like influencers are everywhere these days. We see them posting images on Instagram, hosting live streams on Facebook, and uploading product reviews on YouTube. It’s no secret that influencers have an effect on consumer habits. In fact, this undeniable power has prompted 73% of marketers to allocate a budget specifically dedicated to influencer marketing. And influencer marketing budgets are...

How to market in an era that people don’t like to be marketed to? This might pose a challenging question. Especially, with the over-saturation of the infamous ‘link in bio’ sponsored types of posts that have riddled our generation. People, now more than ever, are turned off by paid advertising on social media. The best way to target the newer...

Times are changing, and so are career paths and the working-class economy. If you ask your average Millenial or Gen Zer you would probably be surprised to learn that more than half of their generation is an aspiring influencer. According to CNBC Make It report, 72% of Millennials and Gen Zers follow influencers to learn about new brands, new products,...