Why Work With IMF

Our aim is to establish, nourish, and maintain a work ambiance where everyone feels safe, appreciated, and listened to. We stand with our team members, offering growth and advancement opportunities, empowering each individual at our organization to excel and fulfill their professional and personal ambitions.

Human First

  • Initiatives promoting mental, physical, and spiritual well-being
  • Attractive compensation and comprehensive benefits
  • Monthly Learning Pathways
  • Emphasizing diversity, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging
Remote Pioneers

  • A flourishing remote work environment for over 5 years
  • Online clubs and initiatives for fostering community engagement
  • The freedom to work from any location
Growth Culture

  • Company-wide meetings, both face-to-face and online
  • Availability of top-tier educational resources
  • Allocated days for individual learning and development
  • Ample budgets for training and education programs

"We proudly built a remote diverse team scattered across the world that combines 15 different nationalities"

– Alessandro Bogliari and Nicla Bartoli, co-founders

The Influencer Marketing Factory's Learning and Inclusion Initiative

Our agency is steadfast in its dedication to fostering a diverse workspace and nurturing an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging in our everyday operations. Our aim is to draw in, hire, nurture, and preserve the finest talent, extending equal prospects to everyone. We cherish the singular life experiences and viewpoints that each team member brings to our company.

We honor our workforce.

We recognize that every individual brings a unique and valuable contribution to our company. We not only respect and promote diverse perspectives, ideas, experiences, and choices, but we also value them. We know that these differences enrich our culture and stimulate innovation.

We are each other’s pillars.

Being a member of a team signifies a mutual understanding that we are on this journey together. When you achieve success, it resonates with all of us. We stand by our team members, offering avenues for growth and advancement, thus empowering every individual at our organization to excel and accomplish their professional and personal aspirations.

We cultivate a culture of inclusion.

As a business rooted in familial values, we aspire for every individual at our company to feel they are an integral part of our agency. Our mission is to shape, foster, and sustain a work environment where everyone feels secure, appreciated, and listened to.

We advocate for equality.

Our conviction is that every individual is deserving of equal remuneration, opportunities, and treatment, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, or religious beliefs.