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Why Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram Advertising is a great way to combine together brand awareness, engaging UGC videos, and conversions.

Instagram, with over 2.35 billion monthly active users, and Instagram’s Reels powerful, viral, and trendy videos make it one of the best social media channels for Influencer Marketing.

As a top-rated Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency, we will help you make the best Instagram Ads.






Avg. CTR

$ 0.22

Avg. CPC

$ 8

Avg. CPM

Our Instagram Advertising Process


By researching competitors, analyzing previous campaigns, and creative thinking, we identify your audience, highlight your unique selling points, and investigate diverse content strategies.

Influencer Identification

We choose fitting influencers based on your audience needs and seek the precise content style that aligns with your goals.

Content Production

We adjust the content, create multiple versions, and perform A/B tests on Instagram to determine the most engaging videos.


We launch ads to set a standard Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for our targeted campaign, then refine the top-performing ads to craft highly effective variations.

Target Audience

Get in front of targeted users that will click on your Instagram Ads. We can include demographic info such as gender, age, location, languages and interests. Tell us your target audience, and we will create Instagram Ads to reach your goals.

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Creativity & Ad Format

  • Images: For Instagram ads with a single image, it can be displayed in square, landscape, or vertical orientations.
  • Videos: When incorporating a video into your Instagram advertisement, it can be showcased in either a square or landscape format, but not in Instagram Stories.
  • Carousel: Selecting the carousel layout for your ad allows for square or vertical presentations on both Feed and Stories.
  • Instagram Stories: Even though a fullscreen vertical format is advised for Stories ads, this layout can accommodate the media dimensions used in other sections. Therefore, Stories ads can fit photo and video dimensions from Feed placements, which includes photos or videos up to 120 seconds with an aspect ratio ranging from 9:16, 16:9, to 4:5.
  • Reels: You can only use a fullscreen vertical asset for Reels ads.
  • Instagram Shop: Ads here can be formatted as single-image, carousel, or collection. Despite supporting multiple ratios, they will always display as 1:1 square images and will direct users to your website’s product details upon tapping.

Why Us

The Influencer Marketing Factory is one of the most globally-recognized Instagram Influencer Marketing Agencies.

Our agency is already working with great brands such as SONY Music, Universal Music, Dunkin’, Hasbro, Amazon, UnitedHealth Group, BudLight, Bumble, Warner Music Group., Google, Snapchat, Vestiaire Collective and many more.

This is what we will help you with:

  • Instagram Ads Creation
  • Instagram Ads Management
  • Instagram Ads Optimization
  • Organic Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign (extra budget)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Instagram for advertising?

Instagram stands as one of the most engaging social media platforms, with a broad user base spanning various age groups. It provides an opportunity to reach not only the Gen Z audience but also Millennials. Collaborating with top influencers on Instagram can amplify your brand presence. If you’re aiming to tap into a diverse and visually-engaged audience, Instagram is a prime choice.

Is Instagram suitable for my business?

If your company aims to showcase visual content and engage with a varied demographic, ranging from Gen Z to older Millennials, then Instagram is a perfect fit. With over 1 billion monthly active users as of 2021, bypassing this platform could result in missed marketing opportunities.

What is the cost of advertising on Instagram?

A specific daily budget can be set when running ads on Instagram, which is connected to Facebook’s ad platform. While there isn’t a strict minimum, a typical starting daily budget is around $5. Naturally, allocating more funds can result in more impressions, reach, and potential conversions.

Can Instagram Ads boost sales?

Absolutely! Instagram, with its focus on visuals and storytelling, is a potent platform for ads that drive results. Whether you’re promoting products for e-commerce or seeking brand awareness, the platform has a proven track record. Many businesses have seen significant ROI by advertising on Instagram.

Should I opt for Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads?

Both platforms offer unique strengths, and your decision should hinge on your goals, target audience, and content style. Given the integration between Facebook and Instagram’s ad systems, many businesses find value in running campaigns across both platforms simultaneously.

How can I target a precise audience on Instagram?

The Instagram advertising platform, powered by Facebook’s Ad Manager, allows advertisers to fine-tune their audience targeting. This means you can customize your ad reach based on factors like location, interests, age, behavior, and even specific user interactions on the app.