We help creators and influencers get sponsorship and deals on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Our Mission

The Influencer Marketing Factory helps creators and talents get more brand deals on social media. Our agency can also support you with PR opportunities to boost your awareness on major publications.

We play a crucial role for content creators by ensuring they land more brand partnerships on social media. Beyond mere brand deals, we offer invaluable PR opportunities, enhancing a creator’s presence in major publications. Our representation will support your growth, reach, and optimal brand alignment.

At The Influencer Marketing Factory, we take immense pride in representing a diverse spectrum of talents from varied cultures and genders. Inclusivity is not just a buzzword for us; it’s fundamental. This diversity enriches our agency, fostering creativity, broadening perspectives, and highlighting the significance of universal representation in the digital era.

We are a main sponsor of VidCon, the most important event for content creators and influencers!


Life as an Influencer Coordinator at VidCon: Booths, Happy Hours, and Epic Encounters 🙌🏻

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Why Top Creators Choose Us


Each of our creator has a dedicated person in our team to discuss brand deals and opportunities.


We are an official YouTube and TikTok partner. This allows us a direct line and support for our creators from strategy to new features.


Our agency has been mentioned many times in major publication and we can help you get featured too.


We support our talents with special projects, from podcasting to merchandising, passing by new revenue streams development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a talent agency for creators and influencers?

A talent agency for creators and influencers is a specialized organization that represents and manages individuals who create content or have a significant online following. The agency helps in negotiating contracts, securing brand partnerships, and providing legal and financial advice to maximize the creators’ and influencers’ potential.

How do talent agencies help creators monetize their content?

Talent agencies like The Influencer Marketing Factory assist creators in various ways to monetize their content. This includes connecting them with suitable brand partnerships, advising on content strategy for maximum engagement, and negotiating deals for sponsored posts, merchandise, and even exclusive content on platforms.

How do talent agencies connect influencers with brands?

Talent agencies have a network of brand partnerships and use data-driven strategies to match influencers with brands that align with their content style and audience. Agencies often negotiate the terms of these partnerships, making sure that both parties benefit from the collaboration.

What are the benefits of joining a talent agency for content creators?

Joining a talent agency provides content creators with professional guidance, access to a broader range of opportunities, and the ability to negotiate better collaboration terms. Agencies also offer legal and financial advice, freeing creators to focus on content creation.

What is the application process for creators to join a talent agency?

The application process usually involves submitting a portfolio, social media metrics, and a statement of intent. Some agencies may also require an interview. Once accepted, creators generally go through an onboarding process to align their goals with the agency’s resources.

How do talent agencies calculate commissions for creators and influencers?

Commissions are generally calculated as a percentage of the revenue generated from brand partnerships, sponsored content, and other monetization avenues. The specific percentage can vary based on the contract and the services provided by the agency.

What types of social media platforms do talent agencies specialize in?

Talent agencies often specialize in multiple social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They use their expertise in these platforms to help creators and influencers optimize their content and reach.