Threads Influencer Marketing Agency

Our Full-Service Threads Influencer Marketing Agency Works With Fortune 500 Brands and Helps Execute Global Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Delivering Amazing ROI And Results.
What is Threads

Why Threads?

Threads is the new app from the parent company META which also owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The platform has similarities with Twitter, with a feed of text-based posts. Users can also post photos, carousels and videos. Thread is the right place for people to have real-time conversations.

Why Threads Is A Great Marketing Channel









Target Audience

Our focus is to accurately determine your target audience by identifying your current and potential customer base. This information will allow us to match your business with relevant Threads influencers and content creators.

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Our Threads Case Studies

influencer marketing agency playfoam tiktok campaign

14M combined followers, 2,5M video views, 470k likes, 1.5k comments and 2k shares.

pranks on tiktok

64M combined followers, 26M hashtag reach, 26M video views, 6,5M likes,  and 35k shares.

me gusta shakira tiktok

40M combined followers, 12M hashtag reach, 19k UGC, 6.9M video views, and 1,2M likes.

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It is crucial not to rely solely on the influencers following to make a Threads influencer marketing campaign successful. We will help you structure and execute content marketing activities, to ensure that we catch the user’s attention.

Our Threads influencers and content creators will create informative and entertaining text-based posts, photos, carousels and videos that will generate awareness for your product or service. We will track every like,  the total number of comments, shares and clicks, and an extensive report will be created for you at the end of each campaign.

Bring you a solid ROI

A number of marketing professionals find it challenging to calculate the accurate ROI for an influencer marketing campaign. Thanks to our tools and expertise, we will provide you extensive reporting, analytics and metrics for any of our activities. For example, if your main goal is to drive traffic to your eCommerce, we will track all visits, clicks and custom promo-code usage. Our clients are provided with a breakdown that showcases how many users were reached, how many were engaged, how many became leads, and ultimately the number of users that bought their product!

Why Choose Us?

  • Our diverse team comprises digital marketing experts, media professionals, and skilled campaign managers
  • We provide a comprehensive suite of influencer marketing services, from defining your brand’s KPIs to executing campaigns and analyzing their effectiveness
  • We help influencers secure more brand collaborations and offer PR opportunities to increase their visibility
  • Our team is spread across multiple locations, including offices in Miami and New York, and employees in destinations like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Washington, D.C.
  • We’ve collaborated with major brands like Unilever, Sony Music, Bumble, and Grubhub
  • We have numerous accolades, including a five-star Glassdoor rating and multiple features in award-winning publications
  • We vow to deliver a high ROI through our specialized tools and expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do brands need a Threads influencer marketing agency?

Brands need a Threads influencer marketing agency to expertly navigate the platform’s unique features and maximize campaign effectiveness, resulting in a higher ROI.

How can an agency help in ensuring ROI from Threads influencer campaigns?

An agency like The Influencer Marketing Factory ensures a better ROI from Threads influencer campaigns by leveraging advanced data analytics and implementing targeted strategies that are specifically tailored to the Threads platform.

How can an agency optimize the reach of a Threads influencer campaign?

Agencies can optimize the reach of a Threads influencer campaign by utilizing platform-specific algorithms and audience segmentation techniques to target the most relevant users.

Can agencies provide insights into the ever-changing Threads trends?

Agencies offer valuable insights into the ever-changing Threads trends through real-time data analysis and market research, helping brands stay ahead of the curve.

How does Threads' format benefit brands compared to other platforms?

Threads’ unique format allows for more intimate and authentic interactions between influencers and followers, setting it apart from other platforms and enhancing brand engagement.

How can Threads influencer marketing drive more traffic and sales?

Threads influencer marketing can drive more traffic and sales by launching targeted, high-engagement campaigns that resonate with the platform’s user base.

Is Threads influencer marketing cost-effective?

Threads influencer marketing is cost-effective when strategically planned and executed by an experienced agency, offering a good ROI.

Can Threads influencer marketing enhance brand credibility?

Threads influencer marketing can significantly enhance brand credibility through authentic endorsements from trusted influencers who have a strong following on the platform.

How does Threads influencer marketing improve brand awareness?

Threads influencer marketing improves brand awareness by reaching a highly engaged and targeted audience, thereby increasing visibility and recognition.

Why is Threads an effective platform for influencer marketing?

Threads is an effective platform for influencer marketing due to its focus on fostering authentic, intimate interactions that drive high engagement rates, making it ideal for impactful campaigns.