The Joker Prank Shop – Basic Fun @ Walmart

Basic Fun! partnered with The Influencer Marketing Factory to run a TikTok campaign targeting a predominantly millennial and Gen Z audience.


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Our Solution

The objective of the campaign was to promote “The Joker Prank Shop” product range in collaboration with Walmart to a new digitally savvy audience.

Working closely with the brand, our influencer marketing agency vetted and identified 10 TikTokers to create two prank videos each using the Ultimate Prank Kit.



TikTok Combined Followers




TikTok Views


#thejokerprankshop Reach





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Amazing Influencers and Creators Involved



The super fun Nelson siblings: Shiloh & Elijah Nelson with 3.8M of followers!


The Haueter Family, one of the most entertaining families on TikTok with almost 8M of followers.


McKenzi Brooke, entertainer and pranker with 7M followers on TikTok.


Reif Harrison, social media star and dancer with almost 2M of followers on TikTok.

Influencer Implementation

Our creative team curated a list of 10 unique TikTok influencers with audiences between 1M and 8M followers. We worked primarily with families, asking them to prank each other and record the reactions of their family members. Different sizes of audiences and different styles helped the brand to get featured on the For You Page and collect millions of organic views thanks to TikTok’s algorithm.

Content Creation

The Influencer Marketing Factory helped Basic Fun! to create a unified concept for this influencer marketing campaign: a “prank war” between siblings. The influencers involved used a specific hashtag #thejokerprankshop that facilitate in identifying all the UGCs and tracking the important metrics related to brand awareness.

Some Of The Influencers Content

@shilohandbrosNever start a prank war with your sister. You will always lose 😂🙈 ##thejokerprankshop♬ original sound – shilohandbros

@shilohandbrosWhen your brother’s always trying to embarrass you in front of boys 😳🙈 ##thejokerprankshop♬ original sound – shilohandbros

@haueterfamilyThe look on Jaydens face was priceless!! Cłïćk the łïńk ïń oür bïø to see hilarious pranks from ##TheJokerPrankShop♬ original sound – haueterfamily

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