YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency

Our Influencer Marketing Agency Focuses on YouTube As One Of The Main Core Social Media Channels With Amazing ROI And Results.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is a great acquisition channel for Influencer Marketing because it combines together the power of informative or funny videos both for brand awareness and the possibility to drive traffic to a specific landing page or eCommerce thanks to a link placement in the video description.

Target Audience

We focus on your target audience asking you who are your current and potential customers. Only after that, we are able to match your audience with the relevant influencers on YouTube. Our clients have full access to the YouTube influencers’ target demographics and can see which ones are the perfect ones for their campaigns.

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After selecting the right YouTube influencers and knowing the goals we want to achieve, it is time to focus on the content! In order to make any Influencer activity successful, you cannot just rely on the Influencers following, you need to think which kind of story you want them to tell for you: that is why we help you structure and execute content marketing activities and make sure that it gathers the users’ attention!


Our YouTubers will create effective videos including a link in the video description in order to drive traffic to your product or service. We will track every click and we will create an extensive report for you at the end of the campaign.

Bring you a solid ROI

A lot of marketers find it challenging to calculate the accurate ROI of an Influencer Marketing Campaign. Thanks to our expertise and tools, we are able to calculate it! We will provide you extensive reporting, analytics and metrics for any of our activities. For example, if your main goal is to drive users to an eCommerce, we will track all visits, clicks and custom promo-codes usage. In this way, our clients have a funnel that will showcase how many users we have reached, how many we engaged, how many became leads and ultimately how many bought your product!


Why Choose Us?

  • Our global presence includes offices in New York, NY, and Miami, FL, and team members in cities like Berlin, Madrid, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and London
  • We offer a 360-degree influencer marketing service, from establishing your brand’s goals and KPIs to selecting suitable influencers and providing campaign analytics
  • We’ve partnered with leading brands such as Discovery+, Snapchat, Chips Ahoy!, and UnitedHealth Group
  • We’ve earned a five-star Glassdoor rating and have been featured in multiple award-winning publications
  • Our team consists of digital marketing professionals, media experts, and experienced campaign managers
  • We also assist influencers in securing more brand collaborations and PR opportunities
  • We promise to deliver a robust ROI through our specialized tools and know-how

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do brands need a YouTube influencer marketing agency?

Brands need a YouTube influencer marketing agency to navigate the platform’s complexities, connect with the right influencers, and execute campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

Why is YouTube an effective platform for influencer marketing?

YouTube is an effective platform for influencer marketing due to its wide and diverse user base, strong engagement rates, and the ability to create content that can be both entertaining and informative.

How can an agency help in ensuring ROI from YouTube influencer campaigns?

An agency like The Influencer Marketing Factory can ensure ROI by leveraging advanced data analytics, targeting the right audience segments, and continuously optimizing campaign strategies to achieve measurable results.

How can an agency optimize the reach of a YouTube influencer campaign?

Agencies can optimize the reach of a YouTube influencer campaign by employing SEO techniques, audience targeting, and strategic content planning to maximize visibility and engagement.

Can agencies provide insights into the ever-changing YouTube trends?

Yes, agencies can offer real-time insights into evolving YouTube trends, enabling brands to adapt their campaigns to stay current and effective.

How can YouTube influencer marketing drive more traffic and sales?

YouTube influencer marketing can drive more traffic and sales by leveraging the influencer’s existing audience for targeted exposure while also benefiting from authentic endorsements that encourage consumer action.

Is YouTube influencer marketing cost-effective?

YouTube influencer marketing can be a cost-effective strategy when planned and executed strategically, allowing brands to reach specific target audiences without the high costs associated with traditional advertising channels.

How does YouTube's format benefit brands compared to other platforms?

YouTube’s video format allows for deeper storytelling and higher engagement, offering brands a unique opportunity to connect with audiences in a more meaningful way compared to other platforms.