Why Influencer Marketing is Better Than A Professional Photoshoot

Why Influencer Marketing is Better Than A Professional Photoshoot

If you are considering a professional photoshoot for your next influencer marketing campaign, you may want to hold off as there may be another option.

Influencer marketing relies on authenticity, a factor that cannot be obtained by a professional photoshop. These costs can incur up to 10-20 times more than if the influencer were to create the content themselves.

Leveraging influencer content will allow your brand to save money and still have exceptional content, while at the same time being included in the pricing process. The influencer will create and post the content with the intention of views and engagement from their follower base.

These are a few of the basic differences between a professional studio photo shoot and content created by an influencer:

Professional Studio Shoot

  • Long turnaround time: it can take several days to produce professional content
  • Expensive: it can cost 10X-20X more compared to influencer content
  • Planning-intensive & Time-consuming: it can involve several people that will slow down the process
  • Staged photos: this type of photo is not always able to communicate empathetically
  • Is rarely optimized for mobile or paid social formats: professionals shots are still using traditional media formats
  • Audience not included: when you pay for a professional photo shoot, you still have to look for an influencer that will share the content with his/her audience.

Influencer Content

  • Cost-effective: less expensive than a professional studio photoshoot
  • Data-driven: based not only on the creativity, but also on audience data
  • Agile: you don’t need too many people to execute
  • Quick: it can take as little as a couple of hours to get amazing content
  • On-demand
  • High volume: it is easier to scale up the process and have 50 influencers working all together remotely to create and publish the content
  • Optimized for digital and social channels

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