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The Surge of Influencer Entrepreneurship in the Food Industry Regardless of your niche as a creator, stepping into the food industry is a popular first step toward building an entrepreneurial empire. Experienced creators with followings from micro to macro understand the complexities of influencer marketing, social media management, and developing a remarkable brand voice, all of which are essential skills when...

Imagine a world where purchasing decisions are made as a result of virtual influencers having grown large, loyal follower bases on various social media platforms. Now, imagine the opportunities that would arise from this for both brands and creators. The good news is that this is the world we're currently living in. In the upcoming years, with the ongoing AI...

You know that one friend that is great at telling stories and everybody is captivated to find out more? And then you know that one friend who’s story is so theatrical or artificial that you know their story can’t be true? Through influencer marketing, the aim is to be that trustworthy storyteller, and not the one who everyone may be entertained by,...

Imagine this scenario: you're scrolling through your Instagram feed, looking for inspiration for a new look or gift ideas for your best mate. Suddenly, amidst the flow of photos and videos, you notice a well-dressed girl or a stylish guy sharing their latest experience with a product or recommending beauty items, whatever. You follow their account, rely on their advice,...

The Surge of Influencer Entrepreneurship in the Beverage Industry In the evolving realm of influencer marketing, many influencers have ventured into entrepreneurship, creating their own brands with remarkable success. Their unique advantage lies in an intimate understanding of their audience's expectations and preferences, setting them apart in the business world. This connection with followers has paved the way for influencers to...

If you’re still debating influencer marketing, welcome to 2010. Because in the 2020s, as we are quickly approaching a quarter of a century to 2025, we are so advanced in influencer marketing, that influencers themselves are creating brands. They benefit from being first-hand creators of the industry and know how to market their own brands. In fact, 1 in 3 Gen...

The Surge of Influencer Entrepreneurship in the Beauty Industry [caption id="attachment_6303" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Top 10 Influencer-Founded Beauty Brands[/caption] With the remarkable expansion of influencer marketing, many influencers have entered the entrepreneurial realm, establishing their own brands. A significant number of them have achieved notable success because few other brands understand their audience as intimately as they do. These entrepreneurs comprehend the expectations...

Brands and creators are always looking for ways to grow their reach and increase their revenue. Social media and other marketing platforms create a unique opportunity for monetization. As more and more brands start their journey to establish their digital footprints, there are a lot of opportunities to explore for both creators and brands. Are you active on TikTok? If so,...

If you were to ask us which marketing method has the most influence on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions, we'd say without a doubt that it is influencer marketing. Influencers and content creators create and impact trends; they influence the purchases of their audience members and can contribute to brands' growth and sales. Marketers and brands are increasingly turning to influencers...