Top 10 Influencer-Founded Beverage Brands

Top 10 Influencer-Founded Beverage Brands

The Surge of Influencer Entrepreneurship in the Beverage Industry

In the evolving realm of influencer marketing, many influencers have ventured into entrepreneurship, creating their own brands with remarkable success. Their unique advantage lies in an intimate understanding of their audience’s expectations and preferences, setting them apart in the business world. This connection with followers has paved the way for influencers to explore diverse business ventures, with the beverage industry being a notable frontier.

Join us as we dive deeper into The Influencer Marketing Factory’s curated list of the Top 10 Influencer-Founded Beverage Brands, where these entrepreneurs are not just creating drinks but shaping trends and making a lasting impact.

Top 10 Influencer-Founded Beverage Brands

1. Chamberlain Coffee by Emma Chamberlain

In the late 2010s, Emma Chamberlain soared to YouTube stardom with her delightfully relatable lifestyle content, amassing millions of views on her channel. Given the widespread popularity of Emma’s entertaining coffee-themed videos and vlogs, it was only fitting that she launched her brand, Chamberlain Coffee, in 2020. Starting as a line of whole-bean coffee, Chamberlain Coffee has transformed into an essential range of caffeine products, featuring cold brew packets, matcha, chai, and ready-to-drink coffees. Targeting the dynamic Gen-Z market, Emma Chamberlain strategically employs an omnichannel marketing approach and fosters genuine online community-building to resonate with young adults. As of today, Chamberlain Coffee is easily accessible online through Amazon and the company’s website, as well as major retailers like Sprouts, Target, and Walmart.

The year 2023 marked a phenomenal success for Chamberlain Coffee, highlighted by a remarkable $7 million fundraising achievement in June from both existing and new investors. Further adding to its triumphs, Chamberlain Coffee’s ready-to-drink coffee line received accolades for Best Marketing and Best New Products at the BevNet Best of 2023 Awards. Responding to fan demand, the brand introduced a follow-up line of sweeter RTD Oatmilk Lattes. In collaboration with Daysie, Chamberlain Coffee introduced a delectable Cake Batter Syrup in 2023, partnered with DEUX for limited-edition Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes, and joined forces with IGK to release a special Matcha Dry Shampoo. With each new product release, Chamberlain Coffee remains steadfast in its commitment to meeting the caffeinated needs of its on-the-go coffee community, without compromising on quality.

2. Prime by KSI x Logan Paul

The Prime frenzy is gaining momentum and shows no signs of slowing down. Co-founded by YouTube sensations KSI and Logan Paul, Prime stands out as one of the top-performing sports beverages in the market. Prime reported earning over $1.2 billion in sales during 2023 alone. Since its January 2022 launch, Prime has sold an impressive 1 billion bottles of its hydration beverage, a milestone celebrated with pop-up shops in New York City and London, where a fortunate fan received a $500K 24-carat solid gold Prime bottle. The brand’s popularity is fueled by a devoted fanbase, eagerly anticipating releases and playfully trading bottles on school campuses, as humorously depicted in a recent South Park special on Paramount+. In 2023, Prime received further acclaim, being crowned Best Brand of the Year at the BevNet Best of 2023 Awards. Its success is attributed to an unconventional marketing strategy, robust support from global athletes, and the unwavering dedication of its founders.

Prime has made headlines with unique campaign approaches, including encouraging fans to throw bottles at Logan Paul and KSI in Denmark and creating the world’s largest piñata shaped like a Prime bottle, recognized by Guinness World Records. Beyond bold marketing, Prime expanded internationally through partnerships with prominent athletes and sports clubs in 2023, including Patrick Mahomes, Erling Haaland, Terence Crawford, Shakur Stevenson, UFC, FC Barcelona, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Patrick Mahomes, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, lauded Prime as a disruptive brand revolutionizing the beverage industry, setting new standards on and off the field. Consistently innovating the beverage industry and influencer entrepreneurship culture, Prime’s dynamic duo remains relentless in pushing social media and influencer marketing boundaries, paving the way for further expansion in 2024.

3. Happy Dad by the Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys, renowned for their lively pranks and party-loving antics on YouTube, launched Happy Dad, their hard seltzer brand, in 2021 with a clear vision: an easily enjoyable hard seltzer in regular cans. In a YouTube video detailing the year-long development process of Happy Dad, Kyle Forgeard, Nelk co-founder and Full Send podcast co-host, emphasized the business decision of developing a beverage brand as an influencer. This move provided a consistent long-term income stream beyond short-term influencer marketing deals, many of which were valued in the millions. In 2023, Happy Dad extended its hard seltzer line to select retailers in Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Dedicated to its energetic community, Happy Dad prioritizes fans, offering influencer activations, memorable club events, and star-studded collaborations.

The year 2023 brought notable partnerships and expansion for Happy Dad. In March, a collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records resulted in a grape-flavored hard seltzer. TGI Fridays joined forces with Happy Dad to elevate “That Friday Feeling” by adding the Death Row Record Grape seltzer and the best-selling Fruit Punch seltzer to its menu. Happy Dad also secured partnerships with star athletes Justin Gaethje and Colby Covington, becoming the official sponsor of the Power Slap World Light Heavyweight Championship. To engage with fans, the Nelk Boys hosted a Happy Dad Seltzer Pong Tournament in April 2023 at Bottled Blonde Miami, showcasing the popular hard seltzers. As the Nelk Boys persist in promoting their brand and collaborating with major names in entertainment and sports, the future looks promising for the continued success of Happy Dad.

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4. Alani Nu by Katy Hearn

Do you know the fitness legend behind Alani Nu? Katy Hearn soared to fame in the fitness industry with her iconic Instagram workout routines in the late 2010s. Fueled by this success, she enthusiastically launched a series of vibrant fitness and wellness businesses, one of the standout ventures being Alani Nu. Established in 2018, Alani Nu stands out as a health and wellness powerhouse committed to delivering low-calorie products bursting with distinct flavors. From energy drinks and daily essentials to convenient on-the-go snacks, Alani Nu’s diverse product lineup caters to all your wellness needs. You can find Alani Nu beverages, snacks, and supplements at major retailers like Walmart, Target, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger Family Stores nationwide, Costco, and Amazon.

For one of its greatest partnerships to date, Alani Nu collaborated with reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian to release Alani by Kim K. Alani Nu’s signature brand blended with Kim’s creative development to produce the coveted Kimade energy drink. Besides offering energy drinks, coffee, and protein shakes, Alani Nu introduced new products in 2023 including on-the-go protein bars, Alani Gummies, and pre-workout powder. The year 2023 brought accolades for Alani Nu, securing the Breakthrough Innovation Award from NIQ and earning the distinguished title of top food and beverage Pacesetter by Circana. Notably, it received recognition as the Best Sugar-Free Energy Drink of 2023 by Good Housekeeping, praised for its delectable flavors, rich vitamin and mineral content, and low-calorie composition. As we usher in 2024, Katy Hearn’s profound fitness acumen and entrepreneurial triumphs promise to perpetuate innovation in the fitness beverage industry and inspire influencer-founded brands.

5. JuiceBlox by Aphmau x Unspeakable

In April 2023, the dynamic YouTube duo Aphmau and Unspeakable partnered to unveil JuiceBlox, an exciting and must-have juice brand for kids, now accessible in Walmart stores nationwide. Crafted with inspiration from Aphmau’s captivating gaming content and Unspeakable’s entertaining Minecraft IRL challenges, JuiceBlox caters to a youthful fanbase passionate about “boxy” gaming, such as Minecraft and Roblox. This remarkable venture was made possible with the support of Night Labs, the venture studio affiliated with Night. The talent management company proudly represents JuiceBlox and its creators, alongside other top influencers like Mr. Beast and Dream. Reed Duchscher, Night’s CEO, highlights that the nationwide launch of JuiceBlox in Walmart symbolizes the increasing influence of digital creators, underscoring their successful entry into the consumer packaged goods market for kids, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of creator-led brands.

To generate excitement for their brand, Aphmau and Unspeakable leveraged YouTube, creating highly engaging videos to inspire their followers to try JuiceBlox. Unspeakable sent his JuiceBlox apple juice to space in a thrilling YouTube video, garnering almost 8 million views, and embarked on another juicy challenge video taking JuiceBlox to never-before-seen speeds of up to 600 MPH. In 2023, JuiceBlox expanded its product line to introduce BloxSnacks, featuring a collection of delicious and healthy fruit snacks for on-the-go. The latest addition to the BloxSnacks family is NinjaKidz with Tropical Fruit Blox snacks. BloxSnacks CEO Jon Lesser envisions expanding the influencer-founded brand to include more top creators catering to younger audiences, offering limited-time offers and activations in the future.

6. Top of the Mornin’ Coffee by Seán McLoughlin aka Jacksepticeye

Top of the Mornin’ Coffee by Jacksepticeye

Beloved YouTuber Seán McLoughlin, widely recognized as Jacksepticeye, embarked on an exciting venture in 2020 fueled by his passion for coffee – the creation of Top of the Mornin’ Coffee. With a commitment to building the best brand based on valuable customer feedback, Seán aimed to strengthen the connection with his cherished subscribers while simultaneously making a positive impact on communities worldwide. In a heartfelt YouTube video, Seán shared the journey of developing his coffee brand and made a generous pledge: matching the first 10,000 orders with meals for international food banks and community centers. Today, Top of the Mornin’ Coffee actively donates a portion of its sales to support the Crisis Text Line, promoting the mental well-being of young people globally. Seán’s creative vision flourishes within the brand, allowing him to contribute to packaging design and the development of innovative flavors, free from the constraints of partnering with an established brand.

Fast forward to 2023, Seán relaunched Top of the Mornin’ Coffee with a fresh look, new products, and exciting flavors. The brand is on a mission to establish a “snobbery-free” coffee experience, emphasizing ethically sourced coffee, positivity, and philanthropy under Seán’s inspiring leadership. The introduction of Sonny, the brand’s optimistic mascot, sets the tone for a promising future. Adding to the momentum, Top of the Mornin’ Coffee welcomed Hugh Thomas, a seasoned executive with a successful track record at VitaCoco, Unilever, and co-founder of Ugly Drinks Co., as its new CEO in 2023. According to a press release, Thomas is poised to enhance the brand’s success by prioritizing consumer-favored products and flavor profiles, overseeing comprehensive brand development, strategic planning, and more. As Top of the Mornin’ Coffee evolves, positively influencing consumers and communities, Seán’s vision propels the brand toward greater success and meaningful global contributions.

7. Awesome Coffee Club by Hank and John Green

Awesome Coffee Club

In the realm of charitable coffee companies, the Green brothers’ Awesome Coffee Club stands out as a positive influencer-founded brand, established in 2022 to support charity organizations in Sierra Leone dedicated to reducing maternal and child mortality rates in underprivileged communities. According to the official website, 100% of sales proceeds from Awesome Coffee Club contribute to supporting charities in Sierra Leone. The Green brothers, known for their philanthropic ventures like Awesome Socks Club and Sun Basin Soaps, extend their commitment to transparency and giving back through Awesome Coffee Club. Subscribers receive 12-ounce bags of coffee every month, directly sourced from farmers and collectives, including the Green Coffee Company.

In a conversation with Good Good Good in August 2023, the Green Brothers shared how Awesome Coffee Club’s profits are financing the construction of the Maternal Center of Excellence (MCOE) in Sierra Leone. John Green emphasized that the MCOE, predominantly staffed by local healthcare workers and generously funded by the government of Sierra Leone, aims to empower the community by providing essential tools to reduce maternal mortality. In 2023, the Green Brothers launched Good. Store to consolidate all their charitable ventures under one digital storefront, streamlining subscriptions and reducing emissions and shipping costs. Hank and John Green express optimism not only for the future of Sierra Leone but also for the potential growth of their philanthropy-based businesses, hoping to inspire others to embrace and support their brand.

8. Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails by Krista Horton

Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails by Krista Horton

Lifestyle influencer Krista Horton is well known for her family content and various entrepreneurship ventures, most noteworthy being her home brand Staykation. Inspired by her love for coconut rum and diet cola, Krista launched Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in 2023 with the help of her husband Bryan. Krista shared in a press statement that it was her dream to create a ready-to-drink cocktail based on her favorite pairing that took the hassle out of mixing the perfect drink. Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails are exclusively sold in 12-can Party Packs at and other select retailers. Tropical flavors like Pineapple Soda are blended with real distilled rum from Florida Caribbean Distillers, making Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails a party must-have.

To celebrate the Horton launch in style, Krista organized a vibrant Fiesta Friday launch party in May 2023, attended by friends, family, and influencers. The festive spirit continued as Krista’s Horton squad gathered for another exciting Fiesta Friday event at Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar in Boston the following month, extending the invitation to fans. Krista’s dedication to engaging with consumers and her devoted followers on social media reflects the overwhelming enthusiasm for Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails. In a hilarious Instagram Reel, Krista and influencer Hayden Cohen joyfully showcased the perfection and extraordinary taste of Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails. With influencers and fans uniting to champion Krista’s alcoholic beverage brand, Horton is poised to create even more significant waves in the influencer-founded beverage industry in 2024.

9. Spritz Society by Ben Soffer aka Boy With No Job

Spritz Society by Ben Soffer aka Boy With No Job

Ben Soffer, widely recognized on Instagram as the Boy With No Job, humorously holds a position as a renowned alcohol entrepreneur and founder of Spritz Society, successfully distributing canned drinks through online platforms and in more than 400 stores across eight states. The inspiration behind Spritz Society stems not only from Ben’s love of Aperol Spritzes but also from the valuable insights of his social media followers. In 2019, before fully launching the brand, Ben actively engaged with his followers through a Google Form on Instagram to gather input on what they desired in his upcoming brand. Additionally, Ben and his team personally reached out to thousands of followers, inquiring about various aspects, from logo design to alcohol percentage. This dedicated community on social media essentially became Ben’s Spritz Society, influencing the brand name. The tremendous support from his community proved instrumental, leading to Spritz Society generating over $100,000 in sales within the first 24 hours of its launch in August 2021.

Spritz Society released a limited-edition collaboration with top podcaster and entrepreneur Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential. The collaboration was a no-brainer since Lauryn’s commitment to her community directly aligns with the values and foundation of Spritz Society. Additionally, Dear Media, the podcast network founded by Michael and Lauryn Bosstick, invested in Spritz Society shortly before the launch of the Pink Lemonade collaboration. Besides collaborating with Lauryn Bosstick, Spritz Society also collaborated with the famous Claussen Pickles brand to release exclusive pickle-themed merch. Spritz Society dominated the 2023 NYC Wine and Food Festival by hosting the Spritz Society’s Disco & Drinks event for attendees. According to an interview with Modern Retail, Ben’s primary goal for Spritz Society is to establish it as a household name for sparkling wine cocktails, detached from its founders or ambassadors, focusing on premium canned cocktails. Looking ahead, he envisions expanding into various beverage sectors, such as non-alcoholic options, 750ml bottles, or tap beverages, while concentrating on maximizing growth opportunities within the sparkling wine cocktail category.

10. XIX by the Sidemen

XIX by the Sidemen

Over the years, various content creator houses and groups have come and gone, but the Sidemen stand out as not just YouTube legends but also influential entrepreneurs. Renowned as the biggest YouTube group in the UK, they are celebrated for their entertaining team-based challenge videos. In 2023, the Sidemen, seeking a new business venture beyond their clothing brand and fried chicken restaurant Sides, made a significant leap. In October 2023, XIX Vodka, first launched in late 2021, took the YouTube community by storm, unveiling their latest venture – a ready-to-drink line, a celebration of the channel’s 10th anniversary. Throughout the past decade, the Sidemen have noticed the growth and maturity of their fanbase, particularly evident through the support for the Sidemen Charity Match. Recognizing this, they decided to venture into the alcohol industry, aiming to cater to their core audience. The XIX Vodka RTD line made its grand debut across the UK in Tesco, the nation’s largest retailer, featuring the highly-anticipated Mixed Berry flavor.

To hype their latest release, XIX Vodka proudly sponsored the 2023 Esports Awards, with Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123), Sidemen Co-Founder, attending in person at Resorts World Las Vegas. The Sidemen also celebrated locally, visiting their neighborhood pub, serving Mixed Berry XIX Vodka, connecting with fans, and discussing their brand’s future. Grateful for unwavering fan support, the Sidemen actively engage, currently gifting XIX Vodka bottles to lucky social media tags. With the rapid success of XIX Vodka, the Sidemen’s brand is primed for substantial growth in 2024. Cheers to the Sidemen and XIX Vodka!

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