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If you’ve used Instagram before, you must be familiar with Instagram stories. But how do you know you’re using Stories effectively? Well, a quick way to tell if your stories are engaging your audience is by using an analytics tool like sharemyinsights. Do people watch your stories in a sequence? Do they answer to your Stories polls? Do you get...

Instagram is not only for posting pretty pictures from your expensive trips abroad. A lot of marketers use it as a strategic tool for attracting potential leads and drive traffic to their website or another conversion site. According to Hubspot, audiences from Instagram have been found to convert better than leads or followers from other platforms. Why? Because Instagram is one...

If the success of TikTok showed us anything, it’s that people have an appetite for short-form video content. Other platforms are paying attention, too. Instagram recently announced its new feature — Instagram Reels — which plays a similar role to TikTok and could well be a valuable tool for marketers in the near future. According to its own data, TikTok has...

Instagram Reels is the #1 US TikTok competitor created by Instagram. In this post, we tell you how effective Instagram Reels can be for your influencer marketing activities and campaigns. What Is Instagram Reels Late last year, Instagram started experimenting with its Reels feature in Brazil. Reels isn't a standalone app, but just a new feature that allows users to create quick...

Traditional media is becoming less efficient. More and more consumers are turning to social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for entertainment, news, and information. Influencer agencies offer brands an effective way to target consumers by taking advantage of the large interactive audience under the world's leading social media influencers. There are many influencers, ranging from large influencers like celebrities to...

Whether you have a personal account or a business account on Instagram, one of the best and highly effective ways to promote the growth of your account is scheduling your Instagram posts. After all, if you’re active on your Instagram account, you’ll perform better on the platform, and your posts will have more engagement. Using an Instagram scheduler for daily...

The year's washing away fast. Annual predictions are amassing a following and influencer marketers reshaping their strategies with regard to top influencer marketing trends. Recently, influencer marketing has attracted more attention and become more scrutinized and controversial courtesy of the transgressions that riddled companies such as Facebook in the recent past. As 2019 progresses, influencer marketers have to tune their tactics...

The Power Of Influencer Marketing: What is influencer marketing? The Growth of Influencer Instagram Marketing Why is Influencer Marketing so popular and effective on Instagram? The Cost-effectiveness in Influencer Marketing Why does Instagram Influencer Marketing Work? Why is Influencer Marketing Important? Why should you include Instagram influencer marketing in the next digital marketing strategy? Conclusion What is Influencer Marketing? A research by...