YouTube Shorts 2022 Guide

youtube shorts guide for 2022

YouTube Shorts 2022 Guide

Let’s talk about YouTube Shorts. In 2020 YouTube started rolling out its own version of short-form videos to compete with TikTok, YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts cater to the preferences of viewers, who increasingly like videos in vertical format and in short length. Over the last year, TikTok has been growing tremendously and, through its success, has popularized this kind of content. YouTube boasts an extensive user base of over 2.527 billion individuals worldwide as of April 2023.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about YouTube Shorts.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are videos that run between 15 seconds and 1 minute. They’re the perfect length for getting your audience to take action, like subscribing or watching more of your content. For creators, YouTube shorts are also a great opportunity to get discovered.

You can also use them as an intro or outro to a longer video, or even as standalone content! With YouTube Shorts, creators have access to professional tools that make it easy for them to create short-form content.

Because of this simplicity and accessibility, short-form videos are great for promoting longer-form content—you can make a more engaging video and have a unique opportunity to hook your audience. Since the consumption of short-form video content is on the rise, it’s a no-brainer that every platform is pushing to make content creation easier for users. In fact, 85% of Gen Z’s have posted video content online.

How to Create YouTube Shorts

The process of creating should be fun, and you should look at it as a new creative outlet for your brand and a unique opportunity for discovery. Before starting your creation process, take some time to analyze a few competitors and identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Doing a SWOT analysis on some competitor accounts would be a great place to start.

Here are a few tips for creating YouTube Shorts:

  • YouTube Shorts can be created directly from your YouTube mobile app or with another design tool.
  • As a reminder, they are between 15 seconds and 1 minute.
  • Title & Hook. You want to use the title of your video as an opportunity to entice viewers and give them a preview of what’s to come. You will be able to add text overlay directly from the mobile app.
  • Choose your music and filters. The app will also let you select a sound from their music library, add filters if you would like.
  • There are other editing features such as being able to control the speed, a green screen, retouching, video trimming and lighting available. Have fun and be creative.
  • Once your short video is ready, you can add a caption of up to 100 characters. We recommend using an enticing title and one or two relevant hashtags.
  • Once you have been publishing regularly, analyze your videos to see what seems to resonate the best with your audience and use that as guidance for your YouTube Short strategy.

If you would like to leverage YouTube Shorts for your business, The Influencer Marketing Factory, as an agency that can and will create them for your business as a hook. We have experts on our team with the ability to create and execute on all campaigns for YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts: What to Avoid

We see a lot of content repurposing with YouTube Shorts. Sharing your short-form videos on multiple platforms isn’t a bad idea, but there are a few important things that you should know.

Not being mindful of music rights

License or trending audio on one platform may not be licensed for use on another platform. Example: If you share your TikTok video as a YouTube short, the trending audio that you used on TikTok may not be licensed for use on YouTube. If it’s your own audio, or you have usage rights, then you are good to go.

Not using captions

If you are sharing a talking video, i.e., anyone sharing tips, tricks, video, and podcast previews, you need to add captions. Not adding captions is a missed opportunity to create accessible content.

Posting too many repeats of the same type of content that doesn’t perform well

It’s all about trial and error and digging deep into your analytics, but if you see that time and time again, a certain type of video doesn’t perform well and keep posting it, you could be missing out. Don’t be afraid to create content that’s different.

Not removing platform watermarks

If you repurpose videos from other platforms for your YouTube Shorts, please use a tool to remove the watermark. Another great reason why you should consider a reputable agency, we have the best-in-class tools needed for all video editing needs.

Fun Ideas to Try on YouTube Shorts

Leveraging memes

Short-form videos are great because they allow us to tap into emotions in a matter of seconds. According to the YouTube Culture & Trends report 2022, 63% of Gen Z followed one or more meme accounts in the last 12 months? Meme marketing is a great way to tap into the emotion of our audience members directly. A fun idea for some of your YouTube Shorts would be to create a meme graphic related to a pain point or a fun anecdote of your ideal audience.

Content previews and promos

Creating previews of your long-form videos is also a great idea to drive more awareness to your regular content. You can also create YouTube Shorts to announce some of your upcoming YouTube Live streams. Many podcast hosts also create episode previews to promote their new episodes.

Influencer Marketing

YouTube Shorts also present an incredible opportunity for YouTube influencer marketing partnerships. Working with a reputable agency can help your products get in front of the right audience much faster.

Behind-the-scenes footage

This type of video helps potential buyers and customers learn more about your brand, your process, and your company culture. Behind-the-scenes videos are easy to film, and any team member could jump in and help out. Showcase things such as your manufacturing process, and snippets of a new product or service you are working on. The idea is to give your audience the feeling that they are accessing something inclusive and that your business is being transparent.

Day In a Life Videos

We’ve all seen “day in a life” type of videos from creators across multiple platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and even YouTube Shorts. This type of video tends to amass quite a bit of engagement since viewers are curious in nature. It’s normal to wonder how someone else lives, how they work and what their routine is like. This type of video will leave your audience with the feeling of “wanting more.”

The Importance of Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos are great for a number of reasons, but one of the most important factors is that they’re easy to consume. It’s easy to make them relatable, and you have a unique opportunity to share a powerful message in a short period of time.

Short-form video marketing allows brands to reach a wider audience than other forms of content. There’s never been a better time to consider leveraging short-form video marketing. If this post resonated with you, we encourage you to contact us and discover the power of YouTubeShorts.

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