Sallie Mae’s YouTube Success Story: 1.3 Million Viewers Inspired

Sallie Mae’s YouTube Success Story: 1.3 Million Viewers Inspired

The Influencer Marketing Factory leveraged influencers to rebrand Sallie Mae as a learning hub beyond loans, focusing on peer-to-peer advice and personal growth, thus transforming student perceptions and fostering a trusted community.

The Background

The main goal was to tie Sallie Mae subconsciously as a place where students go to learn more rather than just being a student loan company. Sallie Mae wants to be the company that enhances and encourages student-to-student guidance. The goal was to build connections, confidence, and insight over time in order to be able to consistently engage students and earn their confidence.

The Solution

The campaign focused on working with influencers who normally film “Man-on-the-Street” content. These influencers went to different college campuses across America to ask students a variety of different questions that focus on moments when students are most lost or anxious (i.e. moving in, finals, etc.) There was no selling of who Sallie Mae and what it does, rather the influencers quickly mentioned that they were sponsored by them.



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Amazing Influencers and Creators Involved

Collaborating with popular YouTube creators like itsjcrodriguez, ColbyMartel, and ShanRizwan, known for their engaging “Man-on-the-Street” style, we initiated genuine conversations on college campuses about the challenging moments students face. Without directly selling Sallie Mae’s services, our influencers subtly acknowledged their sponsorship, focusing instead on relatable student experiences to naturally integrate the brand into the fabric of college life, building trust and connection with the student community.







Some Of The Influencers Content

Sallie Mae’s campaign harnessed the authenticity of creator-generated content to amplify its educational message across social platforms. This blend of influencer outreach and content creation didn’t just raise brand awareness; it also led to measurable engagement, making Sallie Mae a go-to resource within the student community. The strategic alliance between The Influencer Marketing Factory and Sallie Mae underscored the significance of genuine engagement and narrative in the digital age, successfully establishing Sallie Mae as a supportive ally in students’ academic and financial journeys.

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