How We Turned Cleaning Into a TikTok Sensation with O-Cedar (50M Views)

How We Turned Cleaning Into a TikTok Sensation with O-Cedar (50M Views)

The Influencer Marketing Factory collaborated with influencers and content creators to craft engaging videos showcasing O-Cedar's products' practicality in everyday life. Additionally, they guided O-Cedar through TikTok's verification process, resulting in the brand earning a coveted blue badge.

The Background

O-Cedar established a strategic collaboration with The Influencer Marketing Factory on TikTok to spearhead an innovative influencer marketing campaign, aiming to solidify their distinctive brand presence on the platform. Leveraging The Influencer Marketing Factory’s expertise, a diverse array of influencers were meticulously curated to promote O-Cedar’s renowned spin mops, while talented content creators were enlisted to craft engaging user-generated content (UGC)-style videos, slated for posting on O-Cedar’s official channels.

The Solution

The Influencer Marketing Factory provided invaluable assistance to O-Cedar in navigating the verification process on TikTok, culminating in the brand being awarded a coveted blue badge. Influencers and content creators collaborated to produce a diverse array of videos, ranging from dynamic messy clean-ups and “Sunday Resets” to lighthearted clean-with-me content. These engaging creations effectively showcased the practicality of O-Cedar’s products, highlighting their seamless integration into everyday life.





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Amazing Influencers and Creators Involved

Working closely with macro TikTok creators including Kristy Sarah, Kaeli Mae, and Lindy & Jlo, among others, we orchestrated a compelling narrative around O-Cedar’s products, spotlighting their practicality for everyday use. Emphasizing a tone that is both humorous and relatable, our approach avoided sales-oriented tactics, prioritizing the cultivation of a genuine rapport with O-Cedar’s audience, seamlessly transitioning viewers into loyal customers.









The Influencer Marketing Factory provided essential assistance to O-Cedar by guiding them through the TikTok verification process, leading to the brand earning a prestigious blue badge. Working closely with influencers and content creators, they crafted a variety of engaging videos, showcasing O-Cedar's products in dynamic messy clean-ups, "Sunday Resets," and entertaining clean-with-me content. These captivating creations effectively highlighted the practicality of O-Cedar's products, seamlessly integrating them into daily routines.

Some Of The Influencers Content

In tandem, the content creation portion of the campaign was curated utilizing the power of user-generated content to grow O-Cedar’s TikTok presence. By integrating influencer marketing with content creation, the campaign not only effectively generated awareness but also drove tangible results, placing O-Cedar’s TikTok as a top traffic source. The collaborative efforts between The Influencer Marketing Factory and O-Cedar highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships and authentic storytelling in today’s digital landscape, ultimately positioning O-Cedar as a trusted household cleaning brand.

@kristy.sarah and he will never know… reaction at the end 😂 @O-Cedar #OCedar #OCedarClean #OCedarPartner #OCedarPACS ♬ original sound – Kristy Sarah

@ocedarclean Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. @Jess Kinsey shows how the RinseClean™ Spin Mop makes it painless for her to deep clean on her day off! 😌🧼 #OCedar #OCedarClean #RinseCleanIsRealClean #DayOff #CleanWithMe ♬ original sound – O-Cedar

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