Mobile Advertising With TikTok: The Newest Trend In The Market

Mobile Advertising With TikTok: The Newest Trend In The Market

Sometimes the difference between a successful company and a failed business is the way they carry out their marketing activities. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business. Our world is a rapidly changing place and only those businesses survive that change with the changing world.

With the advent of social media, marketing became easier and more powerful than before. Companies started to use websites like Facebook and Instagram for advertisements. These websites are still considered powerful marketing platforms however they are slowly becoming saturated. The competition has increased tenfold and companies are now looking for new and innovative ways to market their business.

TikTok: A Great Addition To The Marketing World

As compared to giants like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is a relatively new app in the market. It started out as an entertainment app but has shown potential for marketing use. This is why the app has now opened up its doors for businesses who want to invest in marketing their products and services through TikTok. TikTok has around 800 million active users and this number is expected to cross 1 billion in the near future.  It is still a young platform but is expected to grow to great heights. If businesses want to reap the benefits of TikTok then it is ideal for them to start investing in the app right now. This is the best time to market your business on TikTok.

How Can You Market Your Business On TikTok

In order to market your business on a certain platform, you need to have information about the demographics. You cannot market your business on a specific platform or in a specific region if you don’t have information about the respective place. Generation Z and Millennials make up the largest user concentration on TikTok. Women are around 70% of the total users on this app. There are certain categories that are viewed more than the rest and these include comedy, memes, sports, fashion, and beauty. All this information can be used by businesses to understand the market base.


There are many different ways that companies can use to market their business on TikTok. Businesses who want to run campaigns on TikTok can do so with the help of an official partner. They can also show vertical advertisements on the app. In addition to that, the hashtag challenge provides another great opportunity for businesses. Generation Z and Millennials like to keep it short and to the point. So 15-sec video format is ideal for such a demographic segment.

Some examples of TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaigns

1. Song Promotion (By One Of The Biggest Music Labels)

One of the greatest music labels in the world hired The Influencer Marketing Factory to promote a new song from a rap artist. As a TikTok marketing strategy, we selected 5 TikTokers content creators with a total reach of more than 20M+ users.

Thanks to the virality of the hashtag challenge #moneydancechallenge and the power of the catchy song, the cumulative number of earned content produced for this activity has been of 1000+ videos, 1.2M+ views for the hashtag #moneydancechallenge and with a reach of the song of 7M views.

You can learn more about this TikTok Challenge Activation.

2. SONY – AJR Brothers’ 100 Bad Days

SONY Music hired The Influencer Marketing Factory to increase the reach of a popular song from the famous American band AJR Brothers.

Our agency partnered up with the TikTok duo Max and Harvey to create a hashtag challenge with an amazing prize: meet the duo and AJR Brothers during their London show.

After a first introduction video where the explained the challenge, Max and Harvey realized and published a funny video using the song 100 Bad Days, collecting 230k+ views and 40k+ likes:


TikTok offers a lot of different features that can be used by brands to market their business however it is up to the brands to create unique and catchy videos that would help in the promotion of their business. TikTok only offers the tools and it is up to the brands to create the content. The more catchy the content, the more viral it will get. Viral videos are the best form of advertisements so if you are not making the videos yourself you should try to put your advertisements on user profile who regularly post unique and viral content.

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