A TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Study: Song Promotion

A TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Study: Song Promotion

One of the biggest music labels hired our agency The Influencer Marketing Factory in order to promote a new song by a rap/trap artist.

TikTok Initiators

tiktok universal music case study

We selected 5 TikTokers (initiators) with a total reach of 20 million users.

This marketing campaign, for the hashtag #moneydancechallenge, resulted in

  • 1500+ videos
  • 2.3M+ views throughout the campaign
  • the song reached 8M views.

You can read more information checking our TikTok Case Study.

TikTok To Promote A Song

TikTok is a relatively new social media that finds its strength in viral videos and a democratic and meritocratic algorithm that allows almost everyone to get featured on the For You Page. After selecting the TikTok initiators, we worked on the creativity: we decided to create a dance challenge using a specific hashtag #moneydancechallenge and use the catchiest section of the song to make it viral.

What Happens When You Create a TikTok Challenge

In less than 48 hours, several other TikTokers picked up the challenge, using the featured song and making it even more viral, collecting 540k views in 36 hours and 2,500,000 of songs replies.

After 3 weeks, the challenge collected a total of 1,189 posts and the hashtag got 1,364,606 views with a total reach of the song of 8M+.

After 4 weeks, the hashtag challenged collected a total amount of:

  • 1,500+ user-generated videos
  • 2,300,00+ views
  • and a total reach of 20,000,00+ users.

TikTok Challenge Results

  • Number of hearts (initiators): 103,500
  • Number of comments (initiators): 867
  • Number of shares (initiators): 1,672
  • Videos Created using the song: 1,500+

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