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The Influencer Marketing Factory is a US-based agency that links brands looking to promote their products online with content creators who have an engaged following. Our campaign managers have successfully executed over 1000 initiatives while collaborating with a global network of 34k+ influencers.


We guarantee a return on investment (ROI), whether your goal is to increase visibility, drive sales, or boost engagement. Count on us for compelling campaigns across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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Is USA Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

The United States is a fiercely competitive market, with millions of domestic and international companies vying for a foothold. Finding a unique voice and creating an impact in such a busy environment can be difficult.


That’s where influencer marketing comes in: a targeted strategy for breaking through the clutter and reaching your target audience’s screens.


At the Influencer Marketing Factory, we excel in this field and have received numerous major accolades for our outstanding work. We collaborate with creative US influencers who have a deep understanding of the citizens’ interests, guaranteeing that your campaigns align perfectly with their needs.

Our USA Influencer Marketing Services

Our agency customizes services and strategies exclusively for your brand, covering:

Paid Media

Our in-house creative team specializes in creating ad copy that perfectly blends with influencer content. This guarantees that viewers do not interpret it as forced advertising but rather as a recommendation from their favorite social media personality. Furthermore, we constantly evaluate campaign results and make modifications to guarantee that you receive a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Talent Management

At The Influencer Marketing Factory, we are an inclusive firm that collaborates with content creators from all genders and cultures. Because of this diversity, we are able to compile a range of opinions and produce original content. Plus, we mentor the talent with whom we work on the latest developments and trends in the social media industry. This ensures that the videos they produce are both aesthetically pleasing to watch and feature the newest and most popular audio tracks.

Influencer Marketing

Looking for a hands-free way to manage your influencer campaign? We’ve got you covered! From influencer discovery to campaign management and results measurement, our team does it all. We’ll even negotiate pricing that suits your budget and draft a contract outlining your objectives on your behalf. In addition, we’ll send you weekly reports with specific insights into the performance of your campaign.

Content Creation

One of the highlights of the content produced by our influencers is the extensive media rights it entails. This grants you the flexibility to repurpose it across various platforms, including your website or even in your email campaigns. Additionally, we offer an editorial calendar filled with enticing captions and trending hashtags to help you improve your content strategy.

Choose Us to Handle Your USA Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Here’s why clients trust us as their influencer marketing agency:


✓ Successfully Launched Over 1,000 Influential Campaigns
✓ Generated Revenue Exceeding $150 Million for Our Clients
✓ Forged Partnerships With More Than 34,000 Influencers Worldwide

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USA's Premier Choice for Influencer Marketing Excellence

Uncomplicated Contractual Agreements

We provide contracts that are both comprehensive and easy to understand, facilitating a smooth start to campaigns.

In-Depth Campaign Insights

Utilize our advanced analytical capabilities to gain a detailed understanding of your marketing campaign's impact.

Harmonious Influencer Pairings

Our careful selection process ensures influencers embody your brand, creating authentic and effective partnerships.

Impactful Narratives

We craft content that does more than just attract eyes; it encourages engagement and drives consumer action.

Tailor-Made Targeting Tactics

Through meticulous data analysis, we craft campaigns that directly address the preferences of your target audience.

KPI-Driven Project Methodology

Our campaign designs are rigorously aligned with your KPIs, ensuring optimal returns on your efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does influencer marketing cost in the US?

There is no set pricing. The cost of influencer marketing in the United States varies greatly depending on the influencer’s reach, the platform used, and the complexity of the campaign.

How many Instagram influencers are there in the US?

A June 2023 Statista report suggests the US had around 177,000 Instagram influencers with followers ranging from 10 to 50 thousand. Additionally, over 5,000 creators on the platform have amassed a following of over one million. 

How do I find influencers in the USA?

To locate influencers in the US, there are a few different methods available. The first method is manual and involves searching social media for relevant hashtags. The second is to do in-depth, regional and niche-specific searches using influencer marketing platforms. The last and most effective choice is to work with agencies like The Influencer Marketing Factory, who are experts in collaborating with influencers.

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