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The Influencer Marketing Factory can support you in both quantitative and qualitative studies in order to gain feedbacks and intel from creators about your brand and offering.

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Our Market Research Capabilities Include

Quantitative Surveys

The Influencer Marketing Factory conducts large-scale quantitative surveys, capable of reaching up to 5,000 respondents. These surveys are designed to gather substantial data across diverse demographics, helping brands understand broad market trends and consumer behaviors. Our robust analytics provide deep insights into the effectiveness of your branding and marketing strategies.

Qualitative Surveys

Our qualitative interviews offer a more personal touch, with 30-minute or 1-hour sessions available with content creators. These interviews allow for in-depth discussions, providing valuable insights into the creator's thoughts and feelings about your brand and products. This direct feedback is crucial for refining your strategies and building meaningful relationships with influencers.

Focus Groups

We facilitate both in-person and remote focus groups, providing a flexible platform for interactive discussions among targeted groups of creators. These sessions are invaluable for exploring detailed perceptions and opinions, helping you to gauge reactions to new products or campaigns and identify potential areas for improvement. Whether conducted face-to-face or via virtual platforms, our focus groups are structured to maximize participant engagement and insight extraction.

Why Choose Us as Your Market Research Agency

Target Audience

Tailoring campaigns to specific demographics, interests, and preferred social platforms.

Creator Economy Expertise

Deep understanding of the creator and influencer markets to deliver precise, impactful insights.

Establish KPIs

Aligning campaigns with brand vision, mission, and set objectives.

Customized Approach

Tailored research designs that align closely with your specific goals and requirements.

Legal Agreement

Streamlining legal agreements to ensure clear rights, obligations, and deliverables.

Monitoring Results

Implementing tools for comprehensive reporting and performance analytics.

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Use Cases


How are creators and users interacting with a particular product or feature?

Sentiment Testing

What product or platform features are useful, how do creators interact with it?


How do creators or viewers feel about a particular product or feature?


What is on top of mind for the audience, is there brand/product awareness?

Are You Ready?

Our specialized market research tools are carefully curated to align with your unique objectives, ensuring you achieve your strategic marketing and insight goals efficiently.

What Our Agency Can Do for Brands

At The Influencer Marketing Factory, our team specializes in a holistic digital marketing approach, encompassing influencer campaigns, talent oversight, and adept social media ad management. 


Recognizing the distinctiveness of each brand, we tailor strategies to align with your specific goals. 


Our comprehensive process involves pinpointing suitable influencers, establishing clear KPIs, and weaving genuine brand narratives. 

We manage everything: from content creator identification to agreements and media rights. 


Our commitment positions your brand at the forefront of digital engagement, fostering tangible growth and enhanced brand visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the ideal Market Research agency can be challenging. Consider these commonly asked questions to enhance your influencer marketing approach. Allow our expertise to lead the way!

What types of market research does The Influencer Marketing Factory offer?

We provide comprehensive market research services including quantitative surveys with up to 5,000 respondents, qualitative interviews with creators lasting 30 or 60 minutes, and both in-person and remote focus groups.

How can your market research services help my brand?

Our services are designed to uncover deep insights into consumer behavior and creator opinions, helping you refine your marketing strategies, enhance product offerings, and improve overall brand perception.

Can you conduct market research across different demographics and regions?

Yes, our capabilities include gathering and analyzing data from diverse demographics and geographical locations, ensuring that you receive broad and relevant insights tailored to your market.

What makes The Influencer Marketing Factory different from other market research agencies?

Our specialized focus on the creator economy, coupled with a robust mix of research methodologies and a proven track record, makes us uniquely equipped to provide actionable insights that are specifically relevant to influencer marketing and brand strategies.

How quickly can I expect results from a market research project?

The timeline for delivering market research results can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. However, we are known for our agility and responsiveness, working efficiently to adapt to market trends and client needs to deliver timely insights.

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