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Influencer marketing can be challenging but highly rewarding.


The Influencer Marketing Factory has your influencer marketing strategy covered. We find content creators relevant to your niche who are eager to promote your brand while we take care of launching and managing the progress of your campaign.

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Is Poland Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

No one better understands Polish people than the content creators who live there. We collaborate with Polish influencers who understand and love everything about Poland, allowing them to create content that local people enjoy.


For businesses wanting to establish a strong foothold in Poland, influencer marketing serves as a great marketing strategy.

Our Poland Influencer Marketing Services

We tailor-make strategies depending on your business’s objectives and goals. Our services include:

Influencer Marketing

Finding the ideal Polish influencer is time-consuming. Our identification process is vigorous, and we hand-pick influencers who can market to your target audience and fit the requirements to be a successful part of your marketing campaign. It goes without saying that we team up with creators who can produce original and engaging content. We set clear KPIs (key performance indicators) and observe the progress of our influencers’ efforts.

Talent Management

We hire only the best influencers and help them get more sponsorships. Influencers who work with us have access to core members of our team whom they can contact for assistance to get the best results. This way, the influencers get more deals and publicity by vouching for reputable companies, they utilize our development strategies, and your brand gets a top-tier influencer doing its marketing, creating a win-win situation.


Let’s face it: adverts need to be catchy yet subtle. We achieve this by including ads within content, making it feel more natural while still getting your brand’s message across. Not only that, it is all about precision; we do not blindly advertise. We advertise to your target audience based on their demographic, such as age, gender, and other factors. The performance of your advertising efforts is tracked regularly to ensure effectiveness and a fruitful return on ad spend (ROAS).

Content Creation

What makes influencer marketing effective is its heavy reliance on good-quality content and the charisma of the influencer. We speak with influencers and agree upon the factors they must consider before creating content for your brand. For instance, we discuss technicalities like what resolution and ratio the videos will be shot in, what kind of content these videos will include, and explain that your brand will possess all media rights to them. We also speak with the influencers on your behalf to negotiate the best possible deal.

Creator Economy Market Research

To stay ahead of the curve, brands must capitalize on every opportunity available. With our support, you can get access to industry insights.


✓ One-On-One Sessions with Creators (Lasting 30 minutes to an hour)

✓ Discussion Panels (Virtual and on-site)

✓ Quantitative Surveys (With up to 5,000 participants)

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What Our Poland Agency Can Do for Brands

The Influencer Marketing Factory can help your business grow tremendously by managing your influencer marketing campaigns. Excelling at advertising on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, our team of experts in digital marketing oversees the entire marketing campaign from its conception to its conclusion, tracking its progress and ensuring you get a solid bang for your buck.

Why Choose Us as Your Poland Influencer Agency

Simple Legalities and Contracts

We simplify the tedious legal process by being clear, concise, and transparent in our contracts, making them simpler for you and the influencer.

Hand-Picked Influencers

We partner you with influencers who truly understand and grasp your brand’s message.

Targeted Marketing

We ensure tailored marketing efforts that speak directly to your preferred demographic.

Content That Hits the Spot

Content is the heart and soul of influencer marketing, and we ensure only high-quality content that resonates with your target audience is made.

Performance Campaigns

We monitor KPIs closely to ensure our strategies are yielding the best possible results. We analyze effectiveness and make changes as and when necessary to optimize your return on investment (ROI).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a business running outside Poland benefit from influencer marketing?

Absolutely! A business, local or otherwise, that wishes to connect with a Polish audience can benefit from influencer marketing.

Is influencer marketing useful for smaller businesses?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from influencer marketing in Poland.

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