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Our influencer marketing agency has everything you need to connect with local talent and boost your online presence. Whether you want to launch a new product, host an event or collaborate on a campaign, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!


From our HQ in the US, The Influencer Marketing Factory is here to help your campaigns thrive – from finding the ideal content creator to creating, launching and tracking your progress.

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Is Mexico Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

With a population of about 129 million, Mexico is one of the most influential countries in Latin America, making it the perfect spot to run an influencer marketing campaign. Mexican social media influencers are diverse, catering to multiple lifestyles, locations, verticals, and expertise. So, from fashion, tourism, food, or nightlife, there is an abundance of authentic, local influencers who can get you high exposure and a better ROI for your brand.

Our Mexico Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer Marketing

Our agency is your one-stop shop for all things related to influencer marketing. We excel at identifying influencers who are the heart and soul of their communities, and our first-class creative teams are pros at keeping up with the latest TikTok, Instagram and YouTube trends. Plus, our use of transparent KPIs and tracking methods provides you with a holistic view of influencer performance.

Talent Management

At The Influencer Marketing Factory, we are committed to nurturing and expanding the careers and talents of creators that we work with. Our dedicated team offers personalized guidance and support on boosting visibility, enhancing marketability, and giving brands access to talent at the top of their game. Our unique approach allows us to work with both content creators and brands, negotiating mutually beneficial deals.

Paid Advertising

We ensure your message is heard loud and clear by creating engaging ads that reach and resonate with your target audience. By analyzing the gender, age group, and demographic of your audience, we create ads that are not just seen but felt, maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS). But that’s not all. Our ads are seamlessly integrated with your content plan, so they feel authentic and aligned with your brand’s vision.

Content Creation

In a world where content can easily blend into the background, our mission is to make sure you stand out from the crowd. We don’t just create content; we craft stand-out experiences that stop the scroll. From creating an irresistible strategy to building a content calendar and curating a library of licensed UGC, we set you up with the tools for success. And with every detail of media rights managed, you’re free to share and reshare worry-free.

Why We're the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in Mexico

If you are looking for the best influencer agencies in Mexico, here is what sets us apart:


✓ Completed 1,000+ Impactful Campaigns

✓ Generated $150+ Million in Client Revenue

✓ Collaborated With 34,000+ Global Influencers

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What Our Mexico Agency Can Do for Brands

With a team of expert digital marketers, media relations professionals and campaign managers, we are experts at telling stories that connect. Additionally, having won numerous awards and been featured in prestigious publications such as the BBC, Forbes, and TIME, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. We have the knowledge, creativity and connections to help you make your mark in Mexico.

Why Choose Us As Your Mexico Influencer Agency

Target Audience

Crafting targeted campaigns tailored to specific demographic profiles, interests, and preferred social platforms.

Stories That Connect

Helping brands gain attention by telling culturally relevant stories that engage with their target audience

Authentic Influencer Partnerships

Connecting brands to authentic influencers who are thought leaders within their niche.

Straightforward Legal Agreements

Streamlining legal agreements to make the process as straightforward and ironclad as possible.

Outcome Driven Targets

Adopting a data-driven approach ensures that strategies align with a brand's goals, maximizing ROI.

Monitoring Results

Using advanced tools to analyze performance thoroughly and gather feedback effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get signed by an influencer agent?

To get signed by an influencer agent in Mexico, start with building a strong online presence. The key is to post consistently, authentically, and build a genuine brand. Additionally, you should actively interact with your audience to increase your engagement rates. Once you’ve built your online brand, you can contact agencies with a professional portfolio that highlights your metrics, accomplishments, and what makes you stand out.

How do I get an influencer to endorse my product?

To get an influencer to endorse your product, you need to search and analyze social media influencers who might be a good fit for your brand. Next, you can contact them through social media and ask them to collaborate. Alternatively, you can work with an agency like The Influencer Marketing Factory, which will handle the collaboration for you.

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