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At The Influencer Marketing Factory, if there is one thing we know how to do well, it’s influencer marketing! With a network of over 34,000 creators, our agency helps you access the best talent for your brand, enabling you to connect with your audience in an authentic way.


Our active engagement in Japan positions us as leaders in the industry. So, whether you want to launch a new product, host an event, or collaborate on a campaign, let us make you our next success story.

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Is Japan Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

As a leader in pushing creative boundaries, Japan offers an exciting scene for influencer marketing in sectors like gaming, fashion, travel, and food. Creators in this country specialize in crafting unique campaigns that really make brands shine. Plus, the high rate of mobile usage amongst the local population is perfect for amplifying digital reach.


Additionally, their market has seen a rise in the popularity of micro-influencers. These online personalities, while having smaller yet loyal followings, give brands the ability to create targeted campaigns with genuine partnerships.

Our Japan Influencer Marketing Services

Our digital marketing agency in Japan are experts in these areas:

Content Creation

By creating targeted and authentic native content, we help you tap into the power of social media. From connecting you to influencers, devising an exciting creative brief and building you an extensive library of UGC for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, we provide the tools you need to succeed. Plus, the complexities of media rights handled, we make sure that you’re free to share and reshare worry-free.

Influencer Marketing

Our marketing agency is passionate about forming connections that matter. We match your brand with trendsetters who reflect your values and help generate material that genuinely speaks to your audience. Our creative team is always ahead, tracking the latest trends on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, ensuring your brand keeps its edge. Plus, we take a thorough approach to campaigns, using analytics to monitor and adjust strategies to maximize ROI and growth.

Talent Management

Our talent is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated team offers personalized guidance and support, helping our creators become the best they can be. Our track record speaks for itself; we’ve negotiated numerous successful brand deals and helped our network be featured in publications such as Forbes and Times. Hence, specializing in digital campaigns, PR, content marketing, and more, we take a unique approach, collaborating with both brands and influencers to secure deals that benefit everyone involved.

Paid Advertising

We know how to create scroll-stopping ads that can help get your brand in front of new audiences. By analyzing demographics such as age, gender, and location of your intended market, we develop ads that resonate. Plus, our in-house team continuously analyzes and monitors your campaign’s performance, offering weekly reports and fine-tuning our strategy to maximize your ROAS.

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What Our Japan Agency Can Do for Brands

Navigating the Japanese market, with its cultural nuances, specific hashtags, and consumer shopping habits, requires expert guidance – that’s where we come in. Leveraging smart, data-driven strategies, we position brands to capture attention, engage with audiences, and maximize ROI. Whatever your business needs, you can trust The Influencer Marketing Factory to deliver.

Why Choose Us As Your Japan Influencer Agency

Authentic Influencer Matchmaking

We link your brand with genuine Japanese influencers who are the go-to experts in their fields, helping you create meaningful connections with your audience.

Simplified Contracts

Our approach simplifies legal paperwork, ensuring clear, solid agreements for hassle-free partnerships.

Data-Led Goals

By embracing a data-centric strategy, we align our efforts with your brand's objectives, boosting your ROI.

Engaging Storytelling

We specialize in crafting stories that resonate, drawing in your audience with content that speaks to their interests.

Precise Audience Targeting

We tailor campaigns to meet the exact needs of your audience based on demographics, interests, and social media habits.

Insightful Performance Tracking

Using cutting-edge analytics, we dive deep into campaign data, offering feedback to refine and improve strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is marketing done in Japan?

Marketing in Japan often involves a strong emphasis on building relationships and trust, with a focus on high-quality content that respects cultural nuances. 

What is the most popular type of advertising in Japan?

In Japan, television advertising has historically been the most popular and influential form of advertising. However, with the rise of digital media, online advertising, particularly on social media platforms and search engines, has rapidly gained traction. Influencer marketing has also become increasingly significant, leveraging the strong culture of trust in personal recommendations.

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