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Understanding the power of influencers is one thing, but knowing how to leverage them is another. That’s where The Influencer Marketing Factory comes in. Our expert agency is bridging the gap between brands and local talent, creating campaigns that amplify visibility. 


Having executed over 1,000 campaigns and partnered with nearly 34,000 content creators worldwide, we are your go-to for standing out from the crowd.

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Is Colombia Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

In recent years, Colombia has become a burgeoning hub for digital nomads and social media influencers alike. As a result, it’s become a fantastic place for brands to collaborate with content creators on viral video campaigns, product launches and more.


As a leading influencer agency, we provide you with direct access to authentic local influencers in Colombia. Through strategic partnerships, we ensure genuine engagement, high exposure and a better ROI for your company.

Our Colombia Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer Marketing

As a premier global agency, we manage all aspects of your campaigns. From hand-picking the right influencers to crafting targeted content for social media platforms, we excel in enhancing your presence. Furthermore, we provide detailed reports documenting each campaign’s performance, including conversions and traffic generated.

Talent Management

We represent Colombian content creators who together boast millions of followers and have generated exceptional content for different platforms. Plus, our expertise in talent management and PR for creators and public figures includes securing invaluable brand deals on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as features in publications such as Yahoo Finance, AdAge, TIME, and more.

Paid Advertising

We ensure your message stands out by creating engaging content and optimizing ads for maximum visibility. Our approach includes developing geo-targeted ads that effectively reach your audience, enhancing engagement like never before. We commit to full transparency by providing regular updates on your progress, with a constant focus on ROAS in every campaign.

Content Creation

With our team of digital marketers and campaign managers, we unlock your brand’s potential by delivering high-quality content that converts. Plus, we secure full media rights for all our content, allowing you to use it across any channel and as often as you wish. But that’s not all. Each month, we provide you with a tailored editorial calendar that aligns with the latest social media trends, complete with relevant captions and hashtags.

Why We're the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in Colombia

Ready to fuel your growth? Here is why we’re the agency of choice:


✓ Completed 1,000+ Impactful Campaigns

✓ Generated $150+ Million in Client Revenue

✓ Collaborated With 34,000+ Global Influencers

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Why Choose Us As Your Colombia Influencer Agency

Boost Brand Visibility

Achieving targeted results by tailoring campaigns to demographic profiles, interests, and social media platforms.

Create Engaging Content

Creating content that captures attention and engages, encouraging active participation in your following.

Influencer Matchmaking

Providing maximum impact by aligning your brand with influencers who resonate with your target audience.

Transparent Contracts

Ensuring that all aspects of the legal process are clear, understandable and straightforward.

Accelerate Sales

Boosting ROI by delivering laser-focused influencer campaigns.

KPI Setting

Leveraging specialized monitoring tools for in-depth analytics and reporting that effectively gauge campaign effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many influencers are there in Colombia?

The number of influencers in Colombia is constantly changing, so it is hard to quantify. However, as it is fast becoming a leading digital nomad hub, it has a vibrant and ever-growing content creator network that is ripe for collaboration.

How do I collaborate with Colombian influencers?

To collaborate with Colombian influencers, you first need to identify those who are aligned with your campaign objectives. Then, you can reach out via email or DM to discuss collaboration details and a formal agreement. Alternatively, you can work with The Influencer Marketing Factory, which can help you connect to the best influencers for your campaign goals. 

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