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Hiring us means you get access to our campaign managers, digital marketing specialists, and our network of over 34k influencers from around the world. Based in the US, we cater to a broad range of clients from all over Canada, including startups and multinational corporations.


At The Influencer Marketing Factory, we do the heavy lifting with a focus on ROI, all while keeping you in the loop with straightforward reports that document conversions and impressions.

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Is Canada Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

Canada, with its higher living standards and healthcare, is a hotspot for foreign students and migrants from all over the world. This close-knit, varied, and culturally rich community is ideal for businesses seeking to implement influencer marketing.


Whether it’s through captivating storytelling, showcasing your product in everyday scenarios, or highlighting how your services can meet the unique needs of different community groups, influencers can bridge the gap between your brand and Canada’s diverse populace.

Reasons to Opt for Our Canada Influencer Marketing Services

When you assign us the task of managing your campaigns, you’ll enjoy:

Streamlined Campaign Management for Brand Growth

Focus on your brand’s expansion while we take care of the detailed work in your influencer marketing campaigns.


  • Guaranteed Legal Care:  Feel secure as we carefully handle every contract detail to meet your unique needs.
  • Custom Campaign Oversight: A dedicated team member will ensure each partnership is right for your audience.
  • Full Control Over Content: Keep total control over the content created, opening up many ways to use it again.

Effective Influencer Marketing Tactics

Not seeing good results from influencer partnerships? Our selection process links your brand with top Canadian influencers on different channels.


  • Precise Influencer Selection: Our smart algorithm picks influencers who match your brand’s mission.
  • Expertise in Market Strategy: We refine your campaign using our deep knowledge of influencer marketing to get the best return on investment.
  • Clear Performance Updates: Get weekly updates on how your campaign is doing, showing you the full picture.

Diverse Creator Network

Our focus on diversity means our campaigns connect with many different people.


  • Varied Influencer Voices: We support content creators from various backgrounds to shape their unique brand stories.
  • Quality Enriched by Variety: Our commitment to diversity improves the outcomes of our projects.
  • Wider Audience Engagement: By working with creators who offer different viewpoints, we make our campaigns more impactful.

Dynamic Brand Evolution Strategies

As your business grows, our flexible services keep your marketing fresh and effective.


  • Agile Social Media Integration: We quickly use new platforms to ensure your online presence stays ahead.
  • Expansion of Target Audiences: We help you tweak your strategy to attract more diverse customers as your brand grows.
  • Worldwide Brand Support: Operating from the U.S. with a worldwide team, we are poised to elevate your brand on an international stage.
  • Research-Driven Marketing: Use strategies based on thorough research to improve your ad spend efficiency and lower costs.

Creator Economy Market Research

We assist you in carrying out both quantitative and qualitative analyses to gain insights and feedback from creators about your music company and its offerings.


✓ Statistical Questionnaires (Accommodating up to 5,000 respondents)
✓ Online or In-person Discussion Forums
✓ Comprehensive Chats (Sessions with creators spanning 30 minutes to an hour)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find influencers in Canada?

Finding an influencer in Canada is easy. Simply search for the hashtags “sponsored,” “advertisement,” or “influencer” on your choice social media network, and you’ll find plenty of them. The tricky and time-consuming part, however, is drawing agreements, negotiating prices and tracking the campaign’s performance. You may consider hiring an agency like The Influencer Marketing Factory to handle all of this while you focus on running your business.

Do influencers get paid in Canada?

In the past, businesses would provide complimentary products in exchange for a shoutout. However, with the advent of high-quality video content and the proven higher return on investment (ROI) of influencer marketing compared to traditional advertising, influencers in Canada are now being financially compensated for their work.

What social media network is most used in Canada?

According to Statista, Facebook ranks number one, followed by Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Do influencers have to disclose ads in Canada?

Canada is known for its self-regulatory regulations and norms for influencer marketing, which ensure openness in disclosures. The International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS) plays a crucial role in this, incorporating Canada’s disclosure standards into its comprehensive global market analysis. These standards are specifically designed to encourage clear and honest disclosures in influencer marketing efforts.

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