6 Ways to Generate Leads with Instagram Influencer Marketing

6 Ways to Generate Leads with Instagram Influencer Marketing

With 1 billion monthly active users, when an average person spends 58 minutes a day on the platform, Instagram has become a good marketing channel for businesses that want to warm up potential customers’ interest in their brand and products.

As a result, Instagram is a solid lead-generation tool for businesses of all sizes and niches.

However, 25 million businesses fight for the attention of their customers on Instagram. Not only do people feel overwhelmed with the number of brand content, but the platform’s algorithm prioritizes content from friends and family.

This means businesses should find new creative ways to generate leads in-app. As a result, it’s high time to leverage influencer marketing to generate more leads and therefore turn interested social media followers into paying customers.

Why Generate Leads with Instagram Influencer Marketing?

If you’re doubting whether Instagram influencer marketing can help you generate leads, pay attention to the following three reasons to team up with opinion leaders when thinking about Instagram lead generation tactics that work well.

  • Businesses can reach out to the right target audience on Instagram: With the popularity of Instagram, when users share their data, the company has everything to help businesses find their target audience in-app. As specified in one report, Instagram collects 69.23% of all available personal data which helps businesses reach out to the right target audience.
  • People trust influencers as much as their real-world friends: Brand content bombard social media users from all sides, so it’s no wonder that 92% of consumers trust influencers more than companies. This means people are more likely to become your leads when their favorite Instagram influencers invite them to do it.
  • Instagram has a variety of features to generate leads: Since more and more businesses claim that their potential customers are active on Instagram, the platform constantly rolls out new features to help companies generate leads with ease. From clickable links to question stickers, there are many ways to get more leads in-app.

When done right, Instagram influencer marketing can help to get your business to the next level and if you want to generate leads on the platform, niche opinion leaders are here to make it easier and faster for you.

Moreover, there are six proven ways to generate leads with Instagram influencer marketing.

  1. Turn Instagram Influencers into Brand Advocates

If you work with Instagram influencers, that’s great. But if you turn them into brand advocates, that’s even better.

Brand advocates are people who spread the positive word about your business and therefore spark their followers’ interest in your company on a regular basis. When it comes to lead generation, brand advocates can tell their followers about all the benefits of sharing their contact information with your company.

This means Instagram influencers can give their followers solid reasons to be on the email list, just like in the example below:

But if you want to hook the attention of social media followers, ask a brand advocate to put time and effort into creating engaging content like videos. Why? 53% of people engage with a brand after seeing its videos on social media profiles.

With a variety of Instagram video formats, when influencers create videos for Stories, Reels, and feed, there are many ways to team up with Instagram opinion leaders and ask them to make videos that tell viewers more about your company and invite them to share their contact information for a chance to get something valuable and useful from your company.

  1. Promote Your Lead Generation Landing Page with Clickable Links

To get new prospects for your business, many companies create lead generation landing pages that are aimed at collecting contact information from visitors.

Not only do lead gen landing pages invite visitors to subscribe, buy, or sign up, but they also track visitors’ data and that allows your company to learn more about your prospect demographics. Simply put, lead generation landing pages help to nurture leads and therefore it’s important to promote them with influencer marketing.

The best way to do it? Make the most out of Instagram links. Now that Instagram allows its users to add clickable links on the platform, it helps to redirect interested followers to your landing page after influencer endorsement.

Here’s an example of this strategy:

Want to know the best part? There are three ways to ask influencers to promote your lead generation landing page with Instagram links:

  • Include a bio link with a short yet strong CTA
  • Add an Instagram Story link if an influencer has access to this feature
  • Insert a link in a caption to an IGTV video

  1. Repost Influencer Endorsements to Your Account

Modern customers have too many options, so it’s no wonder that they seek out social proof to trust your company. As one of the most effective types of social proof, influencer endorsements help customers realize that your company and products are popular among opinion leaders that also increase brand loyalty and trust.

Check out an example of an influencer endorsement from one blogger:

If Instagram influencers post positive reviews on their profiles, they help their followers learn more about your brand and spark interest in it. But if you repost these endorsements to your account, you help your followers and visitors see a variety of opinion leaders who support your company. It can also help to generate leads when you invite your followers to do it as brand trust and loyalty help it a lot.

  1. Make Exclusive Offers for Influencers

No matter how many followers an Instagram influencer has, practically every opinion leader aims at growing his or her following. Although influencers try to create interesting and engaging content that attracts new followers, these people also seek out new ways to satisfy their followers and therefore encourage positive word-of-mouth referrals.

The best way to motivate Instagram influencers to encourage their followers to become your leads is to create exclusive offers for opinion leaders that help them interest their following in your offer. Check out how one fashion blogger teamed up with Daniel Wellington brand to share exclusive offers with the following:

With exclusive offers like unique codes or discounts, not only can you motivate more people to share their contact information with your company, but you can also track influencer performance.

  1. Sponsor an Instagram Giveaway

Influencers want to get more followers, so they organize Instagram contests or giveaways that keep their audience hooked and engaged.

However, not all influencers have the budget to give away solid prizes that attract more participants. For brands that want to generate leads, it’s a good opportunity to warm up contact with influencers and encourage their followers to share their contact information with you.


When you become a giveaway sponsor, you can ask an influencer to put ‘share your contact information’ as the participation requirement. This means you can generate leads with the help of an Instagram giveaway. Here’s how it can look like:

  1. Create Branded Content Lead Generation Ads

Running paid ad campaigns has always been a proven way to reach out to the right target audience without wasting much time. With the advanced Instagram ad settings, when advertisers can choose the right objective to generate leads, it’s no wonder that the community has reached 2 million monthly advertisers.

But if you want to make the most out of Instagram ads, it’s a good idea to create branded content lead generation ads as people trust influencers more than companies. When you invite influencers to create visuals for your ad campaign or promote your products, you can encourage more viewers to share their contact information.

Here’s an example of a similar ad campaign that resulted in a 76% lift in purchase intent for both mobile and fixed lines compared to other online media channels and generated €21 per each incremental conversion. The secret of this campaign? The company made a perfect mix of the right influencer endorsement and a video ad format that kept viewers hooked and engaged.


With the fastest-growing and the most engaged user base, Instagram is a great marketing tool to grow your business. Not only can you market your products on the platform, but you can also generate leads in-app. What is more, Instagram influencer marketing campaigns can help to engage high-quality prospects who can become high-value customers, so don’t miss your chance to test out one of the above-mentioned ways to generate leads with Instagram influencer marketing.

Author: Val Razo is a freelance SMM consultant who helps SMBs create and maintain social media presence to interact with customers.