2024 Creator Economy Predictions

2024 Creator Economy Predictions

2024 Creator Economy Predictions

A Glimpse into the Creator Economy of 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, our team at The Influencer Marketing Factory anticipates exciting shifts. Creators are poised to fully embrace AI tools for content development, marking a significant leap in efficiency. The embrace of episodic series and long-form content will become a strategic avenue for improved monetization, while creators diversify into establishing streams of passive income and their own businesses. Affiliate marketing is set to reach new heights amidst the social commerce boom. Furthermore, UGC (User-Generated Content) and micro-influencers will dominate influencer marketing, presenting a cost-effective and niche-focused approach for brands.

Join us as we navigate the transformative landscape of the 2024 Creator Economy, where creativity meets entrepreneurship.

How Content Creators Are Using AI in 2023

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1. Creators will embrace AI tools for content development

In our 2023 Creator Economy Report, we found that the top two uses for AI among influencers surveyed were editing content and generating images and videos. Looking ahead to 2024, creators are poised to fully embrace AI tools for content development. The past year saw the release of numerous AI content creation tools, including Meta’s Emu Video and Edit tools and YouTube’s Dream Track.

As major platforms continue to introduce groundbreaking AI-powered tools, creators will gain the ability to brainstorm, design, and edit their content with unprecedented efficiency. Notably, generative AI platforms like ChatGPT will become integral to creators’ workflows, playing a foundational role in tasks such as planning content, developing scripts, and crafting outreach messages to brands and industry professionals. The future of the Creator Economy is undeniably intertwined with the transformative potential of AI.

2. Creators will lean into “episodic” series and long-form content for improved monetization

Creators are strategically immersing themselves in the realm of episodic series and long-form content, aligning with a prevailing podcasting trend among influencers. The impact is exemplified by significant releases such as Trisha Paytas’s Just Trish Podcast and Jake Shane’s Therapuss Podcast, both showcasing the profound appeal of high-quality, extended “FaceTime” content that forges enduring connections with audiences. Within this dynamic landscape, platforms like TikTok emerge as innovative hubs, providing creators with fresh avenues to monetize long-form content. Initiatives like the Creativity Program Beta and TikTok Series not only empower creators but also strategically position social media platforms in the competitive digital space.

As social media platforms contend for supremacy in screen time against streaming services, the release of captivating long-form content by creators becomes a pivotal strategy. This approach ensures sustained audience engagement within the intricate ecosystems of these platforms, underscoring the evolving dynamics of content creation in today’s digital age.

3. More creators will establish streams of passive income and their own businesses

Creators with a strategic focus on heightened monetization and long-term sustainability are increasingly diversifying beyond traditional avenues like brand partnerships and influencer campaigns. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining consistent brand promotion, influencers such as the Nelk Boys are venturing into unique ventures across diverse industries. This expansion ranges from food and beverage to beauty and fashion, allowing creators to cultivate their own brands that align seamlessly with their content niches.

Furthermore, creators are exploring educational initiatives as an additional revenue stream, providing courses and resources to their audience. A notable example is TikTok creator @ugcang, who imparts knowledge on building UGC portfolios and navigating brand collaborations. This multi-pronged approach not only ensures financial stability but also establishes a resilient career solution, particularly valuable when creators encounter fluctuations in online relevance.

4. With the recent social commerce boom, affiliate marketing with influencers will reach new heights

Looking ahead to 2024, affiliate marketing is poised to emerge as a dominant solution in the realm of social media advertising, capitalizing on the flourishing social commerce landscape. Projections from eMarketer paint a compelling picture, with U.S. social commerce sales anticipated to surpass an impressive $82.82 billion. Platforms such as TikTok are at the forefront, providing affiliate marketing programs that empower both creators and users to endorse products and earn commissions. In preparation for the expected surge in affiliate creators, brands may opt to form dedicated teams or collaborate with agencies like The Influencer Marketing Factory for more refined and impactful campaigns.

With social commerce taking center stage, the emphasis shifts towards crafting authentic and engaging campaigns that steer clear of overwhelming users with a constant barrage of “add to cart” prompts. This evolution signifies a strategic shift towards more nuanced and user-friendly approaches within the affiliate marketing landscape.

5. UGC and micro-influencers will dominate influencer marketing in 2024.

Brands are increasingly recognizing the diverse benefits of User-Generated Content (UGC) and micro-influencers, drawn to the cost-effectiveness and targeted niche reach they offer. In anticipation of this growing trend, we foresee a significant upswing in brands leveraging UGC creators. These creators provide affordable, trendy content seamlessly integrated with in-house material, creating a cohesive brand presence across various social platforms.

The year 2023 witnessed the rise of influencer marketing platforms, with Skeepers gaining popularity, fueled by user interest in becoming influencers and receiving PR packages. While these platforms are effective for one-off brand deals, brands aspiring to establish enduring partnerships with micro-influencers and UGC creators may find agencies like The Influencer Marketing Factory instrumental in fostering successful, long-term collaborations. This strategic approach ensures brands can maximize the diverse potential of UGC and micro-influencers in a cohesive and sustained manner.

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