TikToker Raised $ 15,000 for Make a Wish Foundation with a Single Video

TikToker Raised $ 15,000 for Make a Wish Foundation with a Single Video

During a time when social media is one the most prominent connections to the outside world, we’re living for the endless amount of content digital creators are supplying.

It’s even nicer to see them tapping into their creative juices to find ways to spread joy. Portland based, video-prodigy, Andi Aston, is an absolute wizard and one of the most innovative creators on TikTok. Known for his originality, Andi creates content that leaves viewers wondering “How’d he do that?!“;

@andipdxHow do you think it will turn out?♬ original sound – andipdx

He’s done it yet again with another viral masterpiece, this time, tuning into his audience’s suggestion to make a positive impact! In a three-part series, Andi demonstrates how he creates a painting – a video that has already earned over 18 MILLION views.

@andipdxDoes anybody want my painting?♬ original sound – andipdx

After the final reveal, he posts a third video thanking his fans for the brilliant idea to post the painting on eBay, with 100% profits going to The Make A Wish Foundation. Setting a minimum of $1, Andi has already received a bid for over $15,000!

Scouted and signed by The Influencer Marketing Factory in April 2020, Andi’s creativity knows no bounds – and someone’s day is better for it!

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