The 5 Funniest Trends On TikTok [+ INFOGRAPHIC]

The 5 Funniest Trends On TikTok [+ INFOGRAPHIC]

If you have not had an experience with TikTok mobile app so far, then you are probably missing some of the most amazing and funniest trends. Evolving from lip-synchronizing to creation of its own culture amazing memes and most entertaining videos, TikTok users are making videos and memes that are exceptional from anything else on the internet. Probably you have heard of some trending phrases, seen some funny videos or encountered some amusing memes, thanks to the Tiktok mobile app. From the most comic, to the ridiculous trends, TikTok got it all. It has become a fountain of new funny videos that will blow you up. Here is the funniest trend on the popular Tiktok app.

1. Hit or miss

Hit or miss trend on TikTok app is probably the reason you are hearing everybody yelling Hit or miss lately. Looking at the volume of people who are searching for the phrase, it is not a surprise the number is hitting the ceiling with a million users worldwide. That said, it is pretty essential to understand what all about this new trend called “hit or miss.”

The reality of this trend is that it has hundreds of millions of user’s worldwide. Its interest significantly rose in late 2018 and has hit the top in 2019. If you are a fun lover, hit or miss is for you. The trend let you use audios or songs from other videos as the track for your video. Depending on how smartly you twist everything, the results can be extremely amusing.

Hit or miss trend is a trend used by TikTok users to detect the availability of other TikTokers around them in the physical world. It involves accessing the public places and then shouting “hit or miss” then waiting for someone to respond. I guess you can never miss someone, huh? Pretty funny. Just like other trends, it all started as a funny video and quickly spread across millions of TikTok users.

2. Choose your character

Choose a character is way more fun that you expect. The character selection screen allows you to choose your style on the character selection page. It enables the users to dress up as their favorite averters then put some handwritten name tags at the bottom of their screens. They bump into the music of the super smash Bros, put some emotions and gestures and return to their original starting position. This meme has participation from all subcultures and has expanded to include all genres of familiar internet caricatures.

Choose your character trend also allows you to put on the expressions and looks of your favorite animals as you may like. However funny you want to look, or whichever look you want to set, this trend will give you a chance to exercise it.

3. Gummy bear challenge

If you love gummy bears, no doubt you will enjoy the latest trending gummy bear challenge on TikTok app. You cannot believe it, but the gummy bear challenge is really fun. It is a more popular trend on TikTok which has taken over the internet by storm and most popular among millions of app users. The trend allows you to position Gummy bears on stage as though singing a song while Adele’s music “someone like you “plays on the background. The cameras then pan to a sea of gummy bears usually positioned like a crowd around the stage which appears to join in the singing of the lead gummy bear song. The hilarious part of this challenge is the creativity as Adele takes over adorably.

4. The microwave challenge

The microwave challenge is one of a kind! If you have not tried this challenge, then you are missing pure fun. This challenge is taking over TikTok at a rate that nobody ever expected. The challenge idea is based on the working style of a microwave. You usually stand before your microwave looking at the slowly spinning food getting hotter. The working of a microwave thereby influences the new viral microwave challenge but in this case, instead of the food spinning it is a person doing the spin.

This exciting challenge was started by TikTok user @djtaylortot, who uploaded a funny video, set to a Japanese song “slow dancing in the dark” by a music artist going by the name Joji. The video showed @djtaylortot seated comfortably on the ground spinning, but the force behind the spinning would not be seen. Some magic!

5. I wanna be Tracer

This is one of the most exciting memes you will ever see on the internet. The meme starts with a cute little duet about the video game “overwatch”. The meme was mostly done by young women, which eventually led to a bunch of gamer boys who accused the young women of being fake gamers. Do you know what happened next? Various people started using various objects as controllers and headphones. Some of the objects used were so funny and the game gained massive popularity all over the internet. Among the most popular trends on the TikTok the I wanna be tracer is an absolute hit on the list!

The takeaway

TikTok is becoming one of the most exciting apps on the internet. The fantastic features and trends are making the app even more enjoyable. The trends mentioned above especially are making TikTok one of the most used and the funniest internet app around the world.

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