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Brands and creators are always looking for ways to grow their reach and increase their revenue. Social media and other marketing platforms create a unique opportunity for monetization. As more and more brands start their journey to establish their digital footprints, there are a lot of opportunities to explore for both creators and brands. Are you active on TikTok? If so,...

What Is Livestream Shopping? Livestream shopping is a way for consumers to purchase items in real-time while the host of a live event is explaining the products and their features. Viewers can purchase the item from their phones or other devices as the host describes it. The host can normally answer questions live, which, in turn, creates a positive user experience. Livestream...

What is Social Commerce? Social Commerce is the process of selling products directly on social media. The entire shopping experience, from product discovery and research to the check-out process, can happen without the consumer having to leave the social media platform. Features like the “buy now” button or autofill payments remove the friction from the consumer journey, thus making the...

Influencer marketing is insanely popular in most industries due to its effectiveness. According to recent research, over 65% of sports marketers believe that for brands to succeed online, they need to leverage the power of influencer marketing. Sports stars are natural influencers, and social media has provided them with an effective way of getting found online. They can reach, connect with, and...

What’s happening during the COVID-19 pandemic? Users are online. And are spending a lot of time on their phones. Our influencer marketing agency collected some insights on what is going on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. More TikTokers More users all over the world are starting to upload their first TikTok videos, Google searches like “How to make a tiktok video”? have...

TikTok has been creating a buzz in the last few years and continues to grow every single day. Let's recap, TikTok was launched in 2016 as a video platform where people could share and edit videos. Since then it has garnered an impressive following and is currently used in more than 150 countries. TikTok for Business can drastically help your...