14 Examples of Beauty Influencer Campaigns With High ROI

14 Examples of Beauty Influencer Campaigns With High ROI

Not so long ago, the beauty industry’s approach to collaborating with influencers was tentative, marked by a blend of curiosity and skepticism. The hesitation was understandable; it was like navigating uncharted waters without a compass, unsure of the potential returns.

Fast forward to 2024, and we’re witnessing an exhilarating era where the cosmetic world has boldly claimed its throne as the third most sought-after domain for influencer partnerships. [1] This shift isn’t just significant – it’s revolutionary, marking a new dawn where beauty content marketers are celebrated for their unparalleled ability to elevate brand stories and connect with hearts across the globe. 

Join us on a journey through 14 groundbreaking beauty influencer campaigns that not only captured people’s imaginations but also achieved impressive results. By understanding the strategies and brilliance behind these successful projects, you will gain valuable insights to make your company stand out in the competitive social media space. 


The Importance of Influencer Marketing in the Beauty Industry

Beauty influencer reviewing a product.

Before we dive deeper, a note to all beauty brands on the fence about influencer marketing: If you haven’t already embraced this dynamic strategy, you are missing out on a fantastic chance to boost your sales organically. 

Here’s why influencer marketing for beauty brands is important in today’s digital-first world:

A Catalyst for Engagement and Trust

Why do beauty influencer campaigns resonate so deeply with audiences? The answer lies in the authentic and relatable material created by content creators. They’re not just promoting a product; they’re sharing personal experiences, tips, and how-tos that add value to their followers’ lives. This authenticity builds trust, a precious commodity in the social networking realm, turning viewers into loyal fans and customers.

Amplifying Brand Visibility

Influencer collaborations offer beauty brands a golden ticket to amplify their visibility far beyond the reach of conventional marketing channels. Through creative and engaging content, online personalities can introduce products to diverse, global audiences, making them feel accessible and desirable. This expanded reach is crucial for businesses looking to make a mark in new markets or demographics.

Driving Tangible Results

Beyond building brand awareness and trust, influencer marketing for beauty brands is highly effective at driving tangible business results. From increased website traffic and higher engagement rates to a significant uptick in sales, the impact of a well-executed influencer campaign is measurable and impactful. It’s this ability to deliver concrete ROI that has cemented influencer marketing’s role in the industry’s marketing playbook.


Metrics for Measuring ROI in Beauty Influencer Campaigns

Understanding influencer marketing ROI is essential for firms aiming to optimize their advertising budgets and drive revenue growth. Here are a few must-track KPIs that should not be ignored:

Engagement RateMeasures likes, comments, shares, and saves on influencer content.Reflects content’s relevance and follower interaction level.
Reach and ImpressionsReach shows the number of unique viewers; impressions count all views, including repeats.Indicates the initiative’s visibility and scope.
Conversion Rate and SalesTracks sales, promo code usage, and affiliate link performance directly from the campaign.Directly ties campaign efforts to business outcomes and profitability.
Brand Sentiment and AwarenessAssesses changes in public perception and awareness of the brand before and after the project.Reveals the influencer’s impact on brand image and consumer perception.
Cost Per Engagement (CPE)Calculates the cost-effectiveness by dividing the total campaign cost by the number of engagements.Helps understand the financial efficiency of the campaign.


14 Case Studies of Beauty Influencer Campaigns With High ROI

Here’s our selection of the top examples showcasing the outstanding results achieved through influencer collaboration:

1. Ren Skincare

The logo of Ren Skincare.

Ren Skincare partnered with The Influencer Marketing Factory to boost awareness and drive conversions for their Evercalm Rescue Mask, focusing on reaching audiences interested in natural and effective skincare solutions.


The campaign leveraged TikTok’s beauty influencers, including notable names like Edward Zo. They emphasized the product’s natural ingredients through authentic reviews, showcasing the mask’s benefits in a relatable manner that resonated with viewers.


The campaign reached an impressive milestone, engaging with 50 million followers, accumulating 5.8 million views, and eliciting 492,000 likes along with 2.2K comments. This concerted effort resulted in substantial user interaction, with 58K clicks and 1.6K shares, significantly boosting the product’s market presence.


The logo of FOREO.

FOREO, another beauty company, embarked on a festive journey with The Influencer Marketing Factory to enhance their TikTok presence, aiming to significantly increase the follower count on their @FOREO account during the holiday season.


This vibrant campaign saw collaboration with seven TikTok creators, each tasked with producing engaging content daily for a week. The strategy included a giveaway, offering one FOREO product each day, which proved to be a masterstroke in driving audience interaction and growth.


The initiative marked a substantial uptick in engagement, with a 50% increase in likes totaling 183,900. The @FOREO account experienced an unprecedented 79% growth, welcoming 15,700 new followers. Additionally, the campaign’s content garnered 304,100 views, demonstrating the campaign’s success in enhancing FOREO’s digital engagement and visibility.

3. Vaseline

The logo of Vaseline.

Vaseline sought to capitalize on the viral skincare trend of “slugging” to promote its petroleum jelly, distinguishing it from competitors by highlighting its unique benefits.


The campaign engaged female TikTok and Instagram creators within the U.S., aged 18 to 45, to create material that demonstrated the slugging technique using Vaseline Jelly. This approach aimed to showcase the product’s effectiveness in achieving a healthy glow.


The selected creators reached nearly half a million consumers, with content achieving an engagement rate of 8.16%. This strategy not only amplified Vaseline’s presence but also built positive brand sentiment during a viral skincare moment.


The logo of NIOXIN.

NIOXIN focused on raising awareness of hair loss during National Hair Loss Awareness Month, promoting its products as effective solutions.


The brand collaborated with the creator community to produce videos that highlighted how their ‘Ultimate Power Serum’ helps maintain thicker hair, specifically targeting women experiencing postpartum hair loss.


Content from 38 creators garnered almost 250K views across TikTok and Instagram, achieving an average engagement rate of 37.61%, significantly boosting awareness and positioning NIOXIN as a leader in hair loss solutions.


The logo of MANSCAPED.

MANSCAPED sought to navigate the female-dominated beauty influencer landscape to reach a male audience for their grooming products.


The campaign utilized both male creators with a significant male following and female creators who could influence women purchasing for men, focusing on relatable grooming experiences.


By targeting the right audience, the campaign reached almost 250K viewers, of which over 35% were men, achieving an average engagement rate of 22.61% and successfully connecting with the male demographic.

6. Rimmel

The logo of Rimmel.

Next up is Rimmel. This firm leveraged TikTok’s virality to boost awareness and engagement for their trending beauty products, tapping into the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon.


The brand engaged with creators to produce TikToks that showcased Rimmel’s viral products, emphasizing their unique benefits and why they’re essential beauty must-haves. The content was designed to resonate with the platform’s trend-conscious users.


The campaign saw over 80 beauty creators participating, with Rimmel selecting the top five whose posts achieved an average engagement rate of 7.88%. This strategy significantly enhanced positive sentiment among the audience, reinforcing Rimmel’s position in the beauty market.

7. L’Oreal

The logo of L’Oreal.

L’Oreal Middle East’s end goal was to promote multiple brands and product lines across the UAE and KSA, requiring a swift and widespread activation to capitalize on the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend.


Partnering with an agency, L’Oreal sent out #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt gift boxes to 27 online personalities, asking for practical, tutorial-based content. This included unboxing and demonstrating product application, featuring brands like Garnier, L’Oréal Paris, NYX Professional Makeup, and Maybelline New York.


This campaign, through collaboration with 27 creators, produced 29 pieces of content, reaching 369K viewers and achieving 259K views with an engagement rate of 9.67%. 

8. M.A.C

The logo of M.A.C.

Next up is M.A.C Cosmetics. This brand’s target was to introduce its Powder Kiss range with a splash, seeking to highlight the distinctive selling points of this new line and differentiate it from competitors in the crowded beauty market.


Collaborating with a diverse group of content creators, M.A.C focused on producing user-generated content (UGC) across Instagram and TikTok. The individuals were tasked with showcasing the Powder Kiss range’s benefits, emphasizing its superiority through informative and visually appealing posts.


The initiative reached 1.4 million people, generating 337K impressions and 39.3K engagements from just 25 content pieces by five creators.

9. Bobbi Brown

The logo of Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown sought to increase awareness of their new Primer Plus Mattifier product, aiming to capture customer data and boost overall sales, particularly driving foot traffic to their stores.


They hired 23 influential beauty figures to create videos featuring the product on their social feeds. Each influencer shared a unique link to a form where followers could sign up to receive a free sample, encouraging them to visit stores for redemption and providing an opportunity for up-selling.


The influencer-led initiative resulted in 1,321 submissions through the platform, with 73% of the customers redeeming the sample offer being new to the brand. Additionally, 20% of those customers converted to purchase.

10. Shark Ninja

The logo of Shark Ninja.

Shark Ninja’s goal was to bolster awareness and increase purchase intent for the Shark FlexStyle, aspiring to establish it as the premier hot air tool in the market. This initiative was strategically timed to coincide with summer, leveraging seasonal themes to maximize relevance and engagement.


The chosen creators orchestrated a comprehensive two-month campaign across TikTok and Instagram, centered around summer-themed activations like holiday hair hacks, festival routines, and frizz management solutions. This effort was complemented by Shark’s sponsorship of Love Island, enhancing visibility and appeal through association with popular culture.


A total of 79 pieces of content were crafted that generated over 36,000 saves. Overall, the project achieved a reach of 2.85 million, 5.3 million impressions, 310,000 engagements, and 534,000 video views. 

11. KISS

The logo of KISS.

Next up is KISS. The brand’s focus was to leverage Amazon Prime Day to boost awareness and conversions for their artificial nails and lashes, positioning themselves as the top choice in the beauty sector.


The firm partnered with beauty and lifestyle creators known for their expertise in the beauty industry. These individuals produced authentic, relatable content that effectively promoted KISS’s products.


This campaign reached an audience of 5 million – 81% above the target. It generated 1.74 million organic views, with 26% of those views maintaining a six-second rate. Engagement rates soared to 10%, surpassing the target by 44%. 


The logo of NIVEA.

The spotlight for NIVEA was on its Q10 Power range, focusing on educating the target demographic (35-65 years old) about the benefits of the ingredients and how they are essential for skin health.


The entire project was executed in four weeks and emphasized awareness, consideration, and long-term brand building. Utilizing skincare experts and beauty figures, NIVEA disseminated information about the product’s ingredients and effects across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, tailoring content to the age-specific audience.


The initiative significantly overachieved its KPIs, generating an impressive 23 million impressions and 4.6 million engagements. This achievement underscored NIVEA’s success in capturing the attention of its target audience, making Q10 a notable topic of discussion and interest.

13. Tangle Teezer

The logo of Tangle Teezer.

Tangle Teezer aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of their detangling hair brushes, targeting consumers who prefer in-store product trials.


The brand built an engaged community of over 100 fans through nearly 40 influencer and content campaigns, focusing on how-to content that showcased the brush’s ease of use across various hair types.


This strategy allowed Tangle Teezer to quickly market their campaigns by featuring creators who had already proven to perform well, effectively translating the in-store experience to the digital space.

14. Olay

The logo of Olay.

Olay aimed to amplify new product launches, influencer and ambassador initiatives, and effectively manage the Instagram accounts for Singapore and Malaysia.


The comprehensive strategy included launching live streams, competitions, video production, paid media, product seeding, and workshops. This diverse approach was designed to engage audiences across Singapore and Malaysia with innovative and authentic influencer partnerships.


A total of 1.3K pieces of content were produced, achieving remarkable growth from zero to 5.4K Instagram followers. This growth was supported by multiple campaigns across nine different product ranges, delivering $27K worth of content and significantly overdelivering within a single campaign. 


Glam up Your Beauty Influencer Campaign With the Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory logo.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, where beauty trends emerge and fade with the setting sun, aligning with The Influencer Marketing Factory propels your brand into the spotlight. Our team, a blend of seasoned campaign managers, media savants, and digital marketing aficionados, excels in crafting influencer marketing strategies that are destined for success.

Praised for our strategic acumen, we’ve been spotlighted as finalists in prestigious industry awards and featured in renowned outlets such as Forbes and Business Insider, underscoring our impact in the digital marketing realm.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Specialized Expertise: Our deep dive into the beauty industry’s nuances, combined with a thorough understanding of each social media platform’s unique dynamics, allows us to pair your brand with ideal influencers. 
  • ROI Focused: With cutting-edge analytical tools at our fingertips, we meticulously track and analyze campaign performance to ensure every dollar of your investment works harder, delivering tangible returns and actionable insights for future strategies.
  • Optimal Reach: Leveraging our insights into the best times to post, trending hashtags, and engaging content formats, we guarantee your campaigns capture the attention they deserve, engaging audiences and sparking conversations.
  • Trend Insights: Our finger is always on the pulse of the latest beauty trends across all platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This foresight enables your brand to swiftly leverage viral challenges and features, positioning you as a leader in the digital beauty dialogue.

Kickstart your influencer journey now

Partner with The Influencer Marketing Factory to leverage our extensive network of premium influencers. Streamline your campaign management from inception to conclusion, and attract your desired audience with compelling and engaging content.


In this post of 14 high-ROI beauty influencer campaigns, we’ve uncovered the transformative power of authentic, strategic influencer partnerships in elevating brand stories and connecting with audiences on a profound level. From leveraging TikTok’s dynamic platform to harnessing Instagram’s visual appeal, these case studies illustrate the critical role of influencer marketing in today’s digital-first beauty industry. 



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