The Influencer Marketing Factory Won InterCon Top 50 Tech Companies Awards

The Influencer Marketing Factory Won InterCon Top 50 Tech Companies Awards

Our agency is happy to announce to be awarded in the InterCon’s Top 50 Tech Companies 2019.

A lot of incredible nominations this year, and all nominees were adjudged on 5 parameters, namely:

1. Overall Reach
2. Industry Impact
3. Spirit Of Innovation
4. Future Readiness
5. Market Demand

What is InterCon?

As a highly successful tech services company, Intercon have worked with hundreds of companies in healthcare, gaming, IoT, AI, ML, credit bureau, defence etc.

This gave birth to Intercon’s events firm, Prism Events, Inc. headquartered in sunny SoCal (Santa Monica). They kickstarted their journey by putting together a first conference, focusing on technology in healthcare, IFAH (formerly called Smart Health conference) Las Vegas. The success of the event motivated them to do a follow-up event in Dubai in November 2018.

2019 promises to be a key year in our quest to disrupt the conference space with 2 events for IFAH lined up in Las Vegas (18-20 June, 2019) and Singapore (17-19 December, 2019).

More importantly, Intercon planned to return to our first love – The internet and its associated technologies! InterCon is our take on disrupting the internet technology space, having done well with the healthcare conference, IFAH. The inaugural InterCon is scheduled to be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas on 18-20 June, 2019.

At InterCon, they are looking forward to bringing together some of the leading minds in the tech space on a common platform and help drive the new global economy by sharing ideas, innovation and things that shape the future of technology.

Our Award Nominee Scorecard

Overall Reach (77/100)

Overall reach refers to the total number of different people/group exposed to your product/service. In addition to the popularity of your business offering, this parameter is directly proportional to the need of the industry.

Industry Impact (78/100)

This parameter is used to judge the impact of your product/service on the corressponding sector. Our awards committee looked into the available information on public platforms as well as the information submitted as part of the nomination.

Spirit of Innovation (77/100)

Industries across the globe are witnessing innovation at breakneck speed, in both products and services. Internet technologies are leading the charge by bringing new perspectives and solutions to the industries they are being applied to, thanks to individuals and organizations committed to the effort.

Future Readiness (78/100)

Major industries across the world are being challenged with substantial pressure being applied on existing resources to address the growing demand and population. Technologies centered around the internet can help break the status quo and ensure that they deliver similar or even better performance, without compromising on the quality delivered.

Market Demand (79/100)

Market demand refers to the demand for a given product or service. The judging committee looked into the need for a product/service at scale in the corresponding industry, linked to the use of internet based technologies.

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