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If you’re still debating influencer marketing, welcome to 2010. Because in the 2020s, as we are quickly approaching a quarter of a century to 2025, we are so advanced in influencer marketing, that influencers themselves are creating brands. They benefit from being first-hand creators of the industry and know how to market their own brands. In fact, 1 in 3 Gen...

What is Social Commerce? In the dynamic digital landscape, social commerce has redefined the way products are bought and sold. This transformative concept enables direct transactions within social media platforms, eliminating the need for users to navigate away from their preferred networks. With intuitive features like the "buy now" button and autofill payments, the process becomes seamlessly accessible to diverse users. Central...

We have all seen viral TikTok videos and songs that surge in popularity as a result. It’s easy to spot viral content when you see it, but what steps are artists, and music labels taking to see their own songs go viral? Check out some of The Influencer Marketing Factory’s top tips below for getting a song on TikTok to...

Times are changing, and so are career paths and the working-class economy. If you ask your average Millenial or Gen Zer you would probably be surprised to learn that more than half of their generation is an aspiring influencer. According to CNBC Make It report, 72% of Millennials and Gen Zers follow influencers to learn about new brands, new products,...