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From X posts, which get heaps of likes, to Facebook celebs with millions of followers, there is a huge untapped audience just waiting for businesses to connect with them. You can tell by looking at Kim Kardashian's Instagram impact or companies like PRIME by KSI and Logan Paul that a well-organized influencer campaign can be both successful and have a...

Remember when Instagram first rolled out the Reels feature? It was back in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, and people around the world were desperately hunting for new ways to entertain themselves. Despite the timing, initial reactions were lukewarm, with some even going to the extent of labeling it a TikTok clone. But deep down makers of the...

Early March this year, the Sidemen, a popular YouTube group, launched their very own breakfast cereal. Just two weeks later, they'd sold a staggering 100,000 boxes. How did they pull off such impressive numbers? Not through old-school TV or newspaper ads. Instead, they collaborated with fellow YouTubers who showcased the cereal through captivating reviews and unboxing videos. Unlike Instagram and TikTok,...

You know that one friend that is great at telling stories and everybody is captivated to find out more? And then you know that one friend who’s story is so theatrical or artificial that you know their story can’t be true? Through influencer marketing, the aim is to be that trustworthy storyteller, and not the one who everyone may be entertained by,...