Creator Economy Report 2023

Published: May 2023

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What Is The Creator Economy?

The creator Economy is a class of businesses built by more than 200 million content creators, curators, social media influencers, bloggers, and videographers that use software and finance tools to assist them with their growth and monetization.

Table of contents

  1. What is the Creator Economy?
  2. Creators’ and Users’ Surveys
  3. Social Media and The Creator Economy
  4. Creator Economy’s Platforms and Tools
  5. Case Studies
  6. Quotes from experts

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Some of the experts featured in our report

Exclusive quotes for The Influencer Marketing Factory

Jack Conte, CEO

Jack Conte, CEO

“Creators are about to have leverage, control, and political and cultural influence to a degree that is unprecedented. The affordability, accessibility, and ubiquity of creation tools, coupled with the level of global connectivity of individuals is creating an irreversible movement in favor of explosive creativity. It’s never been a better time, in the history of humans, to be a creator. If you like to make things and you want to have a voice — NOW is the time to be alive.”
Aaron DeBevoise, CEO

Aaron DeBevoise, CEO

“The creator economy stands at an inflection point. Where accessing long- term, sustainable revenue streams has allowed creator economy entrepreneurs to reinvest in their enterprises, increase production value, hire teams, and build thriving businesses, we believe the next phase of growth will be fueled by three elements: community, knowledge, and creator-specific tools.”
Daniel Markovits, Creator and Community Manager

Daniel Markovits, Creator and Community Manager

“One of the biggest shifts in the creator space is the evolution of the ‘who’ & the ‘why’. Let me unpack this. Not too long ago, creators could be bucketed into a certain type, demographic & intention. Think of a young male Youtuber creating gaming videos for entertainment purposes.
That’s no longer the case. We can’t profile or put creators in a box anymore. People from all walks of life have woken up to the fact that content leads to opportunities. This is especially the case with the rise of the ‘creator-educator’.”
Sima Gandhi, CEO

Sima Gandhi, CEO

“Creators are the next generation of small businesses. However, many creators lack access to capital and business tools to help them reach their full business potential. Just as better editing software and cameras enabled reduced the barriers to entry around content creation, we believe there’s an opportunity to make it easier to set up a creator business. The entire creator economy is growing, with larger amounts of advertising and platform money each year. This means that the big creators are growing, but importantly, so too are the mid to longtail of creators that make the creator economy vibrant. We’re excited about our role in making the creator economy a core part of the global economy.”
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Jane Stecyk, SVP, Marketing

Jane Stecyk, SVP, Marketing

“Being in a community is the best way to navigate a rapidly changing world — it helps us learn quicker, adapt, and find support and accountability from like-minded people. Because of the dramatic results people experience by being part of communities, they’re also the secret to modern entrepreneurship — an entrepreneur who builds a community-powered business is able to build a more sustainable, scalable business.”
Anthony Zaccaria, Alex Zaccaria, Nick Humphreys - LinkTree founders

Anthony Zaccaria, Alex Zaccaria, Nick Humphreys - LinkTree founders

“Our commerce offerings are ever growing, meeting creators where they need it most. Our most recent feature we introduced onto the platform is Music Link, which automatically displays the same song or album across all music streaming services to let users listen to content on their preferred platform, thus boosting streaming possibilities.
We will continue to roll out creator-focused partnerships, feature expansions, and product developments to ensure Linktree continues to be a launchpad for creators.”