TikTok Ads Agency

Our Agency Will Create and Manage your TikTok Ads. We Will Also Provide You An In-Depth Report and Tracking Analysis.
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Why TikTok?

TikTok is currently ranked as the #1 most downloaded app on the Apple App Store. TikTok’s powerful, viral, and trendy videos make it one of the best social media channels for Influencer Marketing. Short videos on TikTok are generated by a younger generation in comparison to Instagram or YouTube.

Target Audience

Get in front of targeted users that will click on your TikTok Ads. We can include demographics info such as gender, age, location, languages and interests. Tell us your target audience, and we will create TikTok Ads to reach your goals.

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Creativity & Ad Format

Campaign Objectives

TikTok placement support 3 promotional objectives

  • App install
  • Traffic
  • Conversion.

Supported bidding methods

You can select from the two bidding methods, CPC or oCPC.

  • CPC focuses on optimizing clicks (which is to get more clicks at a lower cost)
  • oCPC focusing on optimizing conversion (which is to get more conversions at a lower cost).

Ad Format

TikTok “For you” Feed: TikTok supports full-screen ads for a stronger impact and more originality. After the video ads are displayed for 9 seconds, the download card format will appear.

Why Us

The Influencer Marketing Factory is one of the best TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency in the world and one of the few agencies offering TikTok Ads management.

Our agency is already working with great brands such as SONY Music, Universal Music, Dunkin’, Hasbro, Amazon, UnitedHealth Group, BudLight, Bumble, Warner Music Group., Google, Snapchat, Vestiaire Collective and many more.

This is what we will help you with: