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Experience masterful promotional strategies that amplify your brand success with The Influencer Marketing Factory. Serving São Paulo, Brazil, we are experts in creating influencer marketing campaigns that generate impressive ROI and lasting conversions.


Tailored strategies for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are our forte. From identifying suitable influencers to closely monitoring performance, we leave no stone unturned.

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Is São Paulo Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

São Paulo is a city that exudes energy, creativity, and innovation. From the iconic São Paulo Museum of Art to the dynamic fashion and food scenes, this city is alive with opportunities for brands, and influencer marketing is the perfect way to tap into this spirited environment.


From lifestyle gurus to fashionistas, São Paulo influencers’ creativity and trendsetting attitudes make them perfect for any brand looking to reach a highly engaged audience. Partner with the locale’s talents to tap into their unique style and insightful perspectives and discover how collaborating with them can help your business stand out from the pack.

Our São Paulo Influencer Marketing Services

With a wide array of services at our fingertips, our agency guarantees solutions for every client’s needs:

Influencer Marketing

Our team carefully curates a selection of personalities that match your brand’s identity, collaborating to produce content that connects with your intended market. Through the use of distinct tracking codes, we monitor influencer effectiveness, guiding our data-informed choices toward clear KPIs and successful conversions.


Unlock your business potential with our high-impact paid media services in São Paulo. We specialize in geo-targeted ad campaigns, strong ROAS, and catapulting brands to new heights.

Talent Managing

Our expertise also lies in managing influencers, overseeing every detail from talent discovery to legal assistance. With our exceptional management solutions, we take care of all the complexities, allowing you to concentrate on growing your company.

Content Creation

Working hand-in-hand with influencers, our creative team brings your unique narrative to life, crafting authentic and engaging content. With stunning visuals and captivating captions, we guarantee your message is delivered effectively, leaving a distinct impression on your audience.

Creator Economy Market Research

Elevate your research operations with our thorough backing in metric-based and descriptive studies. Secure essential perspectives from creators to improve your business offerings.


✓ In-house and Virtual Discussions

✓ Large Quantitative Surveys (Up to 5,000 participants)

✓ In-depth Discussions with Creators (Scheduled for 30 minutes or 1 hour)

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What Our São Paulo Agency Can Do for Brands

At The Influencer Marketing Factory, we are committed to partnering with brands to unlock their true potential in São Paulo’s vibrant market. Our approach takes on both strategic and creative solutions that cover all bases when it comes to crafting strategies involving talents.


Whether you’re looking for local or international partners, micro-influencers to target niches, or mega-influencers to reach a broad audience, we have the reach and expertise needed to help you make an impact.

Why Choose Us as Your São Paulo Influencer Agency

Target Audience

Building tailor-made campaigns based on unique demographic groups and social media channels.

Legal Agreement

Simplifying contracts to transparently outline rights, commitments, and anticipated results.

Compelling Content

Designing content that ignites interest and fosters engagement with influencer audiences.

Monitoring Results

Tapping into the power of innovative tools for meticulous analysis and valuable feedback.

Influencer Identification

Facilitating connections between businesses and creators who connect with the intended audience.

Establish KPIs

Fusing campaigns with the brand’s specific goals and objectives to generate impactful outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brazil a market for Instagram?

Brazil is a highly viable Instagram market with 113+ million active users, the third-largest globally. Brands can reach a large and active demographic, making it an excellent platform for influencer marketing.

How can influencer marketing benefit businesses in São Paulo?

Influencer marketing benefits companies in São Paulo, Brazil, by expanding awareness, targeting specific audiences, fostering engagement, and ultimately driving sales and customer loyalty.

What are the key elements of a successful influencer marketing strategy?

A successful influencer marketing strategy involves setting clear campaign goals, conducting robust research, and establishing genuine partnerships.

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Propel your brand in São Paulo, Brazil, and beyond with our sophisticated influencer marketing services. We prioritize KPIs, ROI, and measurable results for guaranteed success.


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