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Based in the US and with a global reach, The Influencer Marketing Factory specializes in executing data-driven influencer campaigns on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, now extending its expertise to Copenhagen, Denmark.


We guide you from strategy to execution, ensuring the ideal influencers are selected while tracking the campaign’s success.

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Is Copenhagen Influencer Marketing the Correct Choice for Me?

Copenhagen, celebrated for its cultural richness and technological innovation, provides an ideal background for influencer marketing. With a diverse, tech-savvy population, the city offers a unique opportunity for businesses to expand their reach. 

As a worldwide leader in the industry, The Influencer Marketing Factory has a proven track record of executing successful initiatives across various sectors, from fitness and tech to beauty and gaming. Our deep understanding of the Copenhagen market allows us to tailor campaigns that resonate with local audiences while aligning with your global brand strategy.

Our Copenhagen Influencer Marketing Services

We tailor our services to meet your brand’s individual requirements, offering:

Influencer Marketing

We manage your influencer campaigns from inception to completion. Our diligent influencer selection aligns with your company spirit, and we deliver genuine narratives that engage your target market. We set clear KPIs and monitor campaign performance to analyze the effect on ROI. Our data-driven approach ensures that your goals are met, optimizing both reach and engagement.

Talent Management

We commandeer the entire talent management process so you can concentrate on expanding your business. Our expertise includes personal branding strategies and PR initiatives, elevating the influencer’s public perception and market value. We also ensure that our contracts are mutually beneficial, resonating with your company’s objectives.

Creator Economy Market Research

We assist in gaining numerical and qualitative data from creators to provide you with valuable insights into your brand, featuring:

✓ On-site and Online Discussion Panels
✓ Quantitative Polls
✓ Comprehensive Conversations

Content Creation

We work with creators to widen your content library, customizing it for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Our content comes with extensive media rights and follows an editorial calendar that aligns with current social media trends. We ensure your brand stays pertinent and connects with your audience effectively.


We create targeted ads that synchronize flawlessly with your content, focusing on specific demographics such as interests, age, and gender. Our weekly insights provide clarity, and we prioritize ROAS to ensure profitable campaigns. 

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Why Choose Us as Your Copenhagen Influencer Agency

Target Audience

Custom campaigns based on particular demographics and social media platforms.

Influencer Identification

Ideal influencer pairings based on factors such as engagement rates, audience demographics, and brand alignment.

Compelling Content

Engaging and authentic storytelling that resonates with the consumer base.

Monitoring Results

Detailed analytics and reporting to provide you with actionable insights.

Legal Agreement

Clear contractual terms to ensure a smooth and legally secure campaign execution.

Establish KPIs

Lining up initiatives with your company goals to ensure success can be objectively measured and optimized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is influencer marketing effective in Copenhagen?

Absolutely! Influencer marketing in Copenhagen is not only a growing trend but also a highly effective strategy. The city’s diverse and digitally-savvy population makes it an ideal landscape for influencer campaigns. Businesses have reported high ROI, making it a lucrative option for enterprises of all sizes.

Is influencer marketing better than paid ads?

Influencer marketing and paid ads serve different purposes and have their own sets of advantages, making one not necessarily better than the other but rather complementary. While paid ads offer quick and scalable reach, influencer marketing excels in building long-term trust and engagement through authentic storytelling. 

What platforms do you focus on?

Our primary focus is on TikTok, Instagram, Triller, Twitch, and YouTube, as these platforms offer much engagement and reach for influencer marketing campaigns. Each platform has its unique advantages, and we tailor our strategies to leverage the best features of each.

Is influencer marketing worth it?

Certainly! Influencer marketing offers a high ROI by delivering your brand’s message to a targeted and engaged audience through trusted individuals. Its versatility, measurability, and ability to generate authentic interactions make it a highly effective choice for brands of all sizes.

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As a global influencer marketing agency serving Copenhagen, Denmark, we offer well-rounded services, backed by a data-centric approach to KPIs, ROI, conversions, and metrics.


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