Swipe Right on OkCupid Success w/ Michael Kaye

Swipe Right on OkCupid Success w/ Michael Kaye

The Influence Factor
The Influence Factor
Swipe Right on OkCupid Success w/ Michael Kaye

Join Alessandro Bogliari, CEO and Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory, as he sits down with Michael Kaye, Global Director of Brand Marketing and Communication at OkCupid, for an engaging conversation. This week's episode covers a wide range of captivating topics, such as the unique features of dating apps, the art of data storytelling, the influence of sub-communities, and the transformative power of influencer marketing within the dating app industry.

  • Michael's Instagram&twitter: @MichaelKayePR
  • OkCupid Instagram: @OkCupid

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Show Notes:

(00:49) – Michael's career background

(04:11) – Dating app differentiator

(06:05) – Platform usage of AI

(09:32) – Higher intent dater

(12:49) – Data storytelling

(16:29) – References to ownable data

(20:08) – Communication meets data analyst

(22:29) – Power of subcommunity

(25:35) – Pandemic impact on dating

(28:47) – User experience

(31:18) – Influencer marketing

(35:35) – Successful content inserts

(38:28) – Data-driven approach