“Knead to Know”: Baking and Content Creation w/ BenGingi

“Knead to Know”: Baking and Content Creation w/ BenGingi

The Influence Factor
The Influence Factor
"Knead to Know": Baking and Content Creation w/ BenGingi

In the latest episode of The Influence Factor, Alessandro Bogliari, CEO & Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory and podcast host, is joined by BenGingi, owner of YASSS, a chef, a baker and a content creator. BenGingi shares the behind-the-scenes of a food content creator, how he makes money, how he shoots and edits videos and much more!

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Show Notes:

(01:30) BenGingi's story

(07:30) Food as a culture

(08:40) The behind-the-scene of a food video

(12:00) BenGingi's way to record and edit videos

(17:00) BenGingi now vs BenGingi 2 years ago

(19:30) How to stay relevant as a content creator

(23:00) Collaborating with other content creators

(26:30) How BenGingi makes money

(30:00) Myths about content creators

(32:00) BenGingi's most difficult recipe

(34:30) BenGingi's favorite recipe

(35:40) Advice for other content creators