Influencer Marketing Training & Workshops

Either because of budget limitations or because you want to manage Influencer Marketing campaign yourself, we offer full immersion Trainings and Workshops that will help you understand how to create a strong ROI for your company.

Online Training

We provide Online Training to all our clients that want to understand how to properly execute and Influencer Marketing Campaign.

This 4-hours crush course led by one our consultants will support you in:

Session 1 – Set up

1. Set KPIs for your campaign

2. Create a timeline for the project

3. Find the right demographics for your campaign

Session 2 – Identification

4. Find the right influencers and how to connect with them

5. How to deal with influencers

Session3 – Content

6. Creation of engaging content

Session 4 – Execution

7. How to put in place all the tracking tools you would need in order to measure the outcome of the campaign

8. The execution of the campaign

9. Final measurements and results


You are not a big fan of online training and would rather have a full day immersion with our experts? We will be glad to come to you!

Our team will come to your office and walk you through all the steps in making a successful Influencer Marketing campaign. This hands-on offering is for medium-size and big corporations that are looking to streamline and optimize their Influencer Marketing Campaign steps and process, find the right tools that can support them and measure the ROI of their activities.