Part & Parcel

Part&Parcel hired The Influencer Marketing Factory to run an influencer marketing campaign focused on promoting the brand’s products across the US Market.

Our Solution

Influencers were contracted to create 1 post and 2 stories on their Instagram accounts.

Based on the 9 influencers part of this reporting, the cumulative impressions of this activity has been of 858,116 (post + story impressions).

The cumulative number of content produced for this activity has been of 65 deliverables. Overall, the quality of comments and brand awareness brought to the influencers community is really high and qualitative. The interest of targeted users is shown by sticker taps and Swipe up results.

These 9 influencers reached a total of 821,309 followers, collecting 776,323
Instagram story impressions, 473 clicks and 1,588 sticker taps.



Total Reach


Instagram Likes


Link Clicks


Instagram Story Impressions


Instagram Comments


Sticker Taps

Some Of The Influencers Content

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