Hex Performance

Hex Perfomance hired The Influencer Marketing Factory to run an influencer marketing campaign focused on promoting its laundry detergent products.

Our Solution

Our team created an influencer marketing campaign with 8 (micro and medium) influencers. The cumulative reach of this campaign was 214,615 unique users, a total of 236,076 impressions, and 101,339 Instagram story views. Hex Performance received 102 unique clicks to their website and 227 sticker taps on their Instagram account.

Some Of The Influencers Content

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Jumping for joy because it is FINALLY a pleasure to do laundry with @hexperformance. What the hex? Hex is a sustainable line of next-generation laundry products designed to clean and protect activewear. ____ It's no secret I wear a lot of activewear, workout multiple times a day and teach TONS of classes. The worst part, I don't want to "wear out" a pair of leggings or have my activewear smell like the reminder of all my sweat sessions. In the past, I have found there are certain items and materials that hang on to odors and I have to throw them out after a certain period of time. I was DELIGHTED to try HEX and be absolutely amazed with it! I will never use any other detergent to wash my clothes. ____ Never tried HEX? Here's what you need to know: 1. The brand is called HEX because of the shape of our proprietary hexagon-shaped cleaning molecule 2. HEX has the ONLY fabric softener that is safe to use on activewear. 3. HEX Anti-Stink Sprays are perfect for smelly athletic shoes, All Birds, Rothys or Toms Shoes. They also work great on yoga mats or for gross gym bags. 4. All products were designed to clean and protect activewear but work great on everything. 5. HEX is clear and pours like water because unlike other detergents, HEX does not contain any chemical thickeners or stabilizers, as well as no dyes, no fillers, no harsh perfumes, and no phosphates. Good for your clothes, good for your washing machine, good the planet. ____ Hex uses a proprietary technology that is smaller and smarter than tech used by traditional detergents, so it can penetrate even the tightest knit performance fibers and eliminate odors at the source. As HEX dries, it also creates an invisible, odorless shield to protect fabrics against future damage and leaves behind a protective layer to prevent future bacteria from taking hold. ____ Check the hex website, follow @hexperformance and use code Lisa20 for 20% any purchases! ____ #ad #sponsored #laundry #whatthehex #thursday #tbt #hiitworkout #hiit#weightlossmotivation #gymmusic #fitnessmotivation #eatclean #veggiesforbreakfast #saladsofinstagram #womenswear #gymforwomen #crossfit #lifeatthegym #crossfit #wod #dailygrind #throwback

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